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Flowics used by Larry King for coverage of the US Presidential Debate

Last night, Ora TV with Larry King covered the first of four US 2012 Presidential Debate with a full hour discussion with panelists, comments from students and comments from the people that tweeted using the hashtag #Ora2012. The show included an analysis on the activity on Twitter during the debate, and Flowics was used to display two full screen visualizations on set.

The buzz volume race

During the debate, the production team used our Buzz Volume visualization specially designed for big screens, to track and display the buzz on both Obama and Romney. Paying attention to the spikes in volume, the team made use of our new Annotations feature to include comments directly on the buzz graph that related the peaks in tweets with particular comments or topics the candidates addressed during the debate.


During the live show, these annotations assisted the Social Media Correspondent, David Begnaud, into providing insight on the activity on Twitter. It was interesting to know that “the biggest spike of the night for President Obama came at the beginning when he wished his wife a happy anniversary. For Mitt Romney, when he talked about cutting funding in the PBS at about 20 minutes into the debate...”.

Topics of discussion: TreeMap

Flowics was also used to track and display the topics that people were talking about the most on Twitter. During the vicepresidental debate between Byden and Ryan, the team configured flows for each of the scheduled topics in relation to the candidates and updated these configurations as the debate sprung new conversation themes.

During the show, these topics were displayed on a screen and it was interesting to note that the most talked about topics were “Economy”, “Abortion” and “Healthcare”, whereas Larry was surprised that “Taxes” was pretty low in this debate.

Polls show that Romney won TV debate with Obama, Flowics confirms it! While Obama started ahead on tweets per minute, Romney’s mentions outran Obama’s mid-debate, and remained steady way through the end. The US Presidential Debate is one of the world's most commented on moments, follow it minute by minute with Flowics.

VIDEO: Flowics in Action

We were thrilled to participate in a show with America’s best known television host in the coverage of one of the most important events this year, the US Presidential Elections. Flowics is an amazing platform that not only brings social content into websites, but also big screens and, why not, TV studio sets! If you’re interested in displaying what people are talking about in your show or event, contact us here.