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Flowics Becomes part of Twitter Certified Partners Program!

Hooray, we are super happy to announce that Flowics is now a Twitter Certified Product!

For those of you who may not know what it means, the Twitter’s Certified Products Program seeks to bring some of the most innovative products and services from Twitter developers to companies and clients that need them the most. We are excited to join the program and to be one of the very few companies in the world selected specifically to do public display of Tweets on any digital media.

It’s been just a year since we announced Flowics to the public. But nearly four years since we started building our first social data visualization projects at Zauber, the company behind Flowics. We are proud to have already worked for major companies in the US, LatAm and Spain like Al Jazeera, Peugeot, ESPN Brazil, Ora.TV, Caracol.TV and RTVE, among others. And specially excited also about the work that we are already doing together with Twitter in special projects for TV Networks and publishers in Brazil, like R7, Yahoo! and ESPN. We are looking forward to expanding also our global reach with our unique multi-language support and filtering capabilities.

As you know, Flowics can help brands to build community around their digital presence, and stimulate and grow social conversations about them. For TV networks and shows, Flowics can be used to drive increased social engagement with their audiences, by providing on-air integration and big screen visualizations of real-time social streams, as well as second screen experiences that can be deployed directly on their digital properties. Publishers can also use Flowics to deploy live data visualizations on any relevant topic, using original content, curated from social media. Our semantic and real-time processing technology can filter and curate the buzz generated by TV shows, political, sports and entertainment events and any important news stories.

This is great milestone and achievement for us and we are looking forward to keep on innovating building new features and visualization experiences for brands and media companies. We are also thankful to our users and initial clients who trusted us and helped us to build a product that better suits their needs. Today is the day in which we see that all our hard work is being recognized.

We are now committed to keep on building a product that helps brands and media companies to better engage with their audiences on any digital environment. If you haven’t tried Flowics yet, don’t hesitate to contact us! Also, you can follow us on Twitter, we are @Flowics.

Last but not least, huge congrats to all the Flowics team, we can now celebrate!


Gabriel Baños 
CEO & Co-Founder at Zauber/Flowics

You can read the official Twitter blog post here: