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How Flowics is powering Social integration during #WorldCup

With the group stage and Rounds of 16 and 8 already over, the #Worldcup is already seeing record-breaking numbers in terms of social media conversations and engagement. In the first two weeks of the World Cup, Twitter reported 300 Million Tweets about it (from June 12 to June 26) and Facebook reported 1 Billion interactions (Posts, Comments and Likes) between June 12 to June 29. The game between #CHI and #BRA for the Round of 16 established a new record for Twitter volume with its highest peak so far: 389 K Tweets/min, breaking the previous record of 382 K Tweets/min during Superbowl 48th.

Flowics is proud to be partnering with dozens of customers helping them to curate, measure and integrate Social into their own properties (TV, web, in-venue) for #WorldCup.

On this post, we want to highlight some examples of Flowics' implementations.

SporTV (Brazil)

SporTV, one of the official broadcasters of the World Cup in Brazil. SporTV is using Flowics extensively combining web integrations, Twitter Cards (Poll Card by Flowics) with instant rewards and On Air integrations .

Every day, users can be part of #PalpiteSporTV, voting on the daily poll on who's going to win. SporTV is using our Poll Card attached to their Tweets, inviting users to participate.

Users are able to Vote with a Tweet, by just clicking on a "Vote" button inside SporTV Tweets. All Tweets/Votes also carry an attached Card, increasing fans engagement and promoting Poll participation among user's followers base.

Once the match starts, the Poll is immediately closed and results are shown inside it.


As a reward, Twitter users who take part of the poll, can get a customized jersey of Brazil with their Twitter handles printed on it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 1.54.29 PM

The results for these Polls (#PalpiteSporTV) are displayed in real-time on air during their broadcast, with coloured bars and percentages updating at every second.


TV Publica (Argentina)

TV Publica in Argentina is the official broadcaster of #WorldCup. They are using Flowics for web and TV integrations. They have chosen #SomosArgentina as their main hashtag to promote their broadcast and cheer for the national team of Argentina. To increase engagement, they have decided to show a real-time Tweets counter on the top-left corner, together with selected Tweets from the audience, curated and moderated through Flowics' platform.

photo 4

They are also showing pictures  (from Twitter and Instagram) sent by the audience. See how they do it combining Flowics with their on-air graphics systems:

photo 3

Update: TV Publica also engaged their #WorldCup audience with live Twitter voting before important games. See how they did it using Flowics for Broadcast

tvpublica-on-air-voting (Brazil) is using Flowics with different purposes. They've built a real-time Twitter dashboard measuring sentiment analysis of Brazilians towards the national team. Instead of just focusing only on quantitive data (i.e. number of Tweets in Portuguese in Brazil), we can also browse and sort players' analysis by positive or negative sentiment.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 12.58.54 PM

Veja is also deploying different Polls on their website (powered by Flowics), to engage with their audience, asking them to join the conversation and participate with their votes through Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 1.16.35 PM

Social media are making the 2014 FIFA World Cup more fun and engaging. At Flowics we are happy to be helping our customers to get the most out of this social buzz and connect with their audience in real-time in completely new ways. These are just a few examples of how brands and media are using Flowics during the World Cup. Stay tuned for more !

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