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A new way to create Social Experiences

Two years ago, we started Flowics with the mission to help media, brands and agencies to build engaging social experiences to amplify engagement with their audience, and understand the social buzz of their brand.

With that objective in mind, we built a modular platform that could fit the needs of different type of clients in different verticals. Our Analytics module provides in-depth social listening capabilities with audience demographics, sentiment analysis and real-time monitoring, among many other features. Our Engage module provides advanced social curation, moderation, engagement and visualization capabilities for a variety of digital environments: TV, Web, Mobile or any digital screen.

Today we are taking a step further in our mission to help brands and media succeed in Social. We are excited to officially announce the release of our new Visualizations Builder, a new tool, part of Flowics Engage, which now lets users create any type of web experience by combining Flowics widgets with typical custom webpage elements in just a few clicks. The new Visualizations Builder lets our clients easily create Social Hubs for brands, campaigns or events without writing a single line of code.


This new tool of course benefits from the existent powerful tools Flowics already has, such as the automatic content curation engine, our advanced search rules  and query language for content filtering on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and our extensive catalog of responsive web widgets, including Polls, Flock-to-Unlock, Leaderboards, Call-to-Action, Social Walls, BuzzMaps and many more!

The new Flowics Visualizations Builder will help clients to:

  • Reduce time and resources needed to create social hubs.
  • Standardize templates for social sites across an organisation or agency.
  • Make the design and creative process more agile, by quickly iterating on your social page design.
  • Reduce production costs.


How’s all this possible? These are some key features of our new Visualizations Builder:

  • Easily arrange social widgets, and HTML elements (text, images, paragraphs, external IFRAMEs) on a new page.
  • Customize colors, fonts and general css styles. For advanced customization, you can upload your own CSS file.
  • Add your own Google Analytics code to track the performance of your social hub, if embedded on a 3rd party website.
  • Publish a visualization as a standalone component or embed it on your own web property.

What’s more, visualizations are automatically responsive for tablet and mobile devices too.


Through our new Visualization Builder we want to help our clients to build engagement with their audience by letting them curate and display relevant social content on their own websites more simply and comfortably than ever.

Interested in trying our Visualization Builder? Contact us for a demo!