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How to Curate Tweets and publish Twitter Collections

Social media has become the most effective and dynamic environment where audiences and TV shows meet, connect and interact, that’s why social integrations have become a must for broadcasters to engage with their viewers. Every time your show airs, tons of comments are generated around your content, even more so if you promote participation with different call to actions.

Showcasing your audience’s voice and featuring their Tweets during the show is a great way to create value for the audience and provide an interactive and engaging second screen experience. Of course there are many things to keep in mind before launching these kind of experiences, and probably one of the most important ones is  content curation. As we have just mentioned, when a show promotes a topic conversation, thousands of comments are automatically generated in only a couple of minutes and  it is impossible to manually filter relevant from irrelevant content to display without the appropriate tools.

With Flowics you can easily achieve this and publish Twitter collections In only a couple of steps:

Step 1. Set up your flow with twitter queries


Step 2. Set up your curation rules (our powerful curation engine has +50 automatic curation rules, which can be combined to automatically reject or accept content based on message content, author’s demographics, level of influence, etc.)


Step 3. Moderate in real-time and discover content in our Moderation Console


Step 4. Build your Flowics timelines


Step 5. Export them to a Twitter Collection


The timeline can be easily published on the show’s Twitter collection and embedded on any of your digital properties, inviting viewers to keep track of the conversation and featuring the best content that went on-air the previous show, driving traffic to you properties and somehow rewarding the audience members that created this content.

If you are already using Flowics and you are not familiarized with this feature, do not hesitate to contact your account executive.

If you are still not using Flowics, contact us for a Demo!