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Flowics Integrates with Twitter Collections API

Now telling your story is much easier!

Twitter has recently announced at their annual conference “Flight” the release of their new Collections API, and we are really proud of being one of the few initial partners globally supporting it.


"Now, Flowics' clients will be able to easily tell great stories with Tweets in even more innovative ways, leveraging these new advanced curation capabilities and the ability to display great, curated Tweets wherever their digital audiences live."- Mollie Vandor, Sr. Product Manager, Publisher Platform at Twitter



With the incredible volume of Tweets created daily, curation is an essential step to finding the best content. The integration with the Collections API will allow Flowics’ clients to pair the most advanced curation tools with an easy and effective way to organise, embed and share great content on Twitter



On a previous post we have already described how to curate Tweets and publish Twitter collections, but with this new API, Flowics` clients will be also able to:

  • Import Twitter Collections to a Flowics Timeline and visualize them in any of our Widgets with timeline support.
  • Easily export content from a Flowics Timeline to a Twitter Collection. With Flowics' powerful curation engine, users will be able to get the specific content they're looking for and export it into a Twitter Collection for using it on Twitter's widgets
  • Easily import Twitter Accounts from a Twitter List to a Flowics User Timeline Filter. Users won't have to struggle anymore at looking for the official Twitter accounts from public figures and writing them manually one by one in order to capture their Tweets.

If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to read our official announcement here!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us