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Halloween was also celebrated on Twitter!

Costumes, monsters and Tweets

During these past weeks internet has shown a lot of excitement about this celebration. Designing the perfect costume, carving pumpkins and planning that really spooky party, have been only some of the many activities Halloween fans invested their time in.

Halloween was also celebrated in social media, where trick or treating games, costume dressing parades and horror movies stories were shared  in 140 characters.

Flowics tracked conversations around some specific Halloween topics and, after several days, found some interesting facts and insights that we would love to share with you.

Costumes are one of the main conversation drivers around Halloween, that’s why we decided to monitor mentions around 22 trending ones in 2015.  From the total of mentions around these 22 costumes, these are the top 7.




Not everything related to this entertaining event generated positive comments or responses among Twitter users, for example, there has been a great controversy around many costumes, especially Caitlyn Jenner’s. This can be reflected in the sentiment volume analysis and word cloud with phrases and terms around this costume.


There were many “unisex” costumes, but some others clearly  popular for girls and boys wih Inside out costumes being share mainly by girls and women (89.74%) and the Joker skewed towards boys/men (56%)


Celebrities and politicians also like to be part of this celebration. Such is the case of Hillary Clinton, that was not only one of the most mentioned costumes, but also, one of her tweets was the most Retweeted one talking about “Hillary`s Clinton Costume.”

Moving on to horror movies characters, we decided choose 7 of the most famous ones to see which one is still the most popular nowadays, and we noticed that Dracula seems to be also immortal on Twitter taking 30.69% of conversations.


What about those supernatural creatures that scared us when we were kids (and sometimes still do)?  From the 6 most popular ones, Ghosts are the most talked about creatures.


Hope you have enjoyed Halloween, and this Twitter Study about this fun holiday!