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How to integrate Instagram on your website

Instagram is growing quickly. With over 400 million users in the world and a high engagement level it is, without a doubt, one of the most attractive platforms for brands.

According to Forrester, Instagram is the king of Social Media Engagement. The study which you can find here found that top brands’ Instagram posts generated as much as a 4.2% per-follower engagement rate which is the highest of any social network.  So, it may be true: “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Flowics Engage Platform gives your brand with a versatile and powerful tool to discover, curate, analyze and integrate this social network's content into your site. Whether you want to integrate your own content, user generated posts about your brand, or even own a conversation by integrated related user generated content into your owned media, our technology can help. - You can read more about how to leverage Earned, Owned and Paid media here -

Now, getting down to business.

Quick, simple, robust

Whenever you are thinking about integrating User Generated Content into one of your properties, the issue of it being brand-safe always comes up. For that purpose, pulling just a hashtag from Instagram can be “dangerous” since no filtering or curation means no control. With Flowics Engage you can apply over 50 curation rules to make sure that the content you integrate into your properties is not only safe, but also the best available.

All of this is available with the possibility of editing the look and feel of the experience with no coding required (if needed, you can use CSS for further personalization) and just by pasting a snippet on your website. To make it even faster, you can use our Experience CMS and set it up in a few clicks. Yes, that simple.

More than an integration, an effective engagement resource.

Beyond bringing more traffic to your properties and lengthening the Time on Site, there are plenty of use cases which can help you grow social engagement right from your sites. Some advantages of these integrations are:

  • You can launch contests or campaigns for people to participate. If you have Instagram embedded, this will bring traffic to your website and increase the users’ time on site. All of this while creating brand awareness and encouraging social engagement on Instagram.
  • You will always have fresh, relevant, safe content on your website without the need of creating it yourself.
  • If your photo/video contest is launched on several social networks, the content can be integrated with Flowics using a mosaic.
  • If you want to play with several campaigns at once, you can embed all in your website.

On to some examples of how to integrate Instagram into your website. 

Red Bull

A campaign was launched inviting audiences to upload photos to Instagram so the people could vote for them. Different pictures were taken in relation to the color of the photos and embedded in a landing page developed for this campaign.



For the Peugeot 208 MTV, a campaign was run inviting the audience to send a picture or a video of their production connected to the design. (Instagram & Twitter)



Turn your Instagram feed into a Shoppable Gallery

 Flowics provides the possibility to easily create shoppable galleries based on your content shared on Instagram (or produced by your audience). By adding a link to your profile description you can take your followers to a landing page or e-store (with this shoppable mosaic) and let them purchase the items featured on Instagram.



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