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Flowics' founders selected as Endeavor entrepreneurs

We are thrilled to announce that Gabriel Baños, Fernando Zunino, Mariano Cortesi, Andres Moratti and Juan Codagnone, Flowics’ Founders, have been selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Endeavor contributes to the development of countries in which it operates through the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture; identifies high-impact entrepreneurs and provides them with strategic support to help them take their companies to the next level. In addition, it articulates and promotes the development of ecosystem’s massive support

The admission took place during the 62nd International Selection Panel held in Mexico City, on December 4.

The interview with this panel is the final step in a rigorous screening process, which aims to identify innovative entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs with growth potential, able to generate and multiply economic, social and cultural changes in their communities.


Among the entrepreneurs selected by Endeavor we find very talented people who have impacted the lives of thousands or perhaps millions of people. In Argentina we talk about people like Marcos Galperin (CEO of MercadoLibre), Martin Migoya/Guibert Englebienne (Founders of  Globant), Miguel Santos (Founder of Technisys) Mariano Suarez Battán (Three Melons and Muraly) and Emiliano Kargieman (Founder of Satellogic), to mention some of this group of inspiring people.

We are very proud to be part of this high- impact history!

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