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New and improved support for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube content

We are excited to share with you today a number of additions to our platform which will enable our clients to better manage content from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. With our latest product update, we have added:

Instagram User Stream Filter

With this new feature, you will be able to capture and showcase content from specific Instagram users, just like yo do with a Twitter User Timeline Filter. Why is this great? Now you will be able to collect user generated content from specific celebrities, participants of a TV show, journalists working for a media group, artists, etc. and integrate them into your digital properties.


YouTube Channel Filter

With this filter you will be able to capture videos from specific YouTube channels and easily embed them in a social hub with our visualizations Builder.

social hub youtube

Facebook Public Feed Filter

As a Facebook Media Solutions Partner, we have now fully integrated the Facebook Public Feed of public posts, providing access and automatic moderation of all public posts available on Facebook. Delivering Facebook experiences based on user generated content is now possible with this feature.

social hub facebook

With these new additions, you now have 12 filters to help you amplify the reach of user generated content to other environments and unlock the real power of social.



Stay tuned for more news!