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Sports + Social Media: How to amplify and capitalize on the buzz

Sport events are big drivers of conversations on Social Networks. During Superbowl 50 alone, 60 million people engaged on Facebook with over 200 million posts, likes and comments and while Twitter reported over 27 million tweets around the event generating 4.6 Billion Impressions.

Not every sport event has the massive coverage and audience the Superbowl has. So we want to share some advice on how having a social amplification strategy that goes beyond the event itself will help you enhance the connection to your audience and make the most of user generated content.

Before the event

Anticipation is building up, people are waiting to see their favorite athletes in action. Make sure your social strategy includes starting early and using this to your advantage. There are a number of things you can do to give the audience a way to express themselves and use social media as the amplification channel.




This simple mechanic can help drive engagement before the event takes place and create even more anticipation. “Which is the match you expect the most?”, “Who will win today?”, there are also a number of polls you can run before the event which will depend on each sport: who will the MVP be, what time will Bolt run the 100mts in, etc.

Given people novel ways to cheer



Personalized content is a great way for people to show their support for their team/athlete even before the event. Jerseys with names on them, flags and autographed pictures can all be used by your audience as “badges” of support. And if you are a brand, it is a great way to be associated with the sport event in a seamless way.

During the event

Once the sport event begins, people take to Social Media to converse about the action. The social buzz grows exponentially and to cut through the noise, there are some important things to take into account.

Well timed calls to action and content



Throughout the past years there have been great cases of real-time marketing where brands have come up with creative ways that really resonated with audiences. Oreo, Audi and McDonalds are just some of them. This shows just how important timing is for these types of activations. Scheduling content to let people know when to tune in, or during intermissions is a good way to be timely without the need of an amazing team working 24/7.

Become the go-to place for conversations



Most conversations happen on the social networks, there is no denying that. However, you can be a relevant destination by curating some of the best content and integrating it into your own digital properties. You can do this in a number of ways, from curating Twitter moments to your own version of Facebook Stadium to publishing your very own Social Hub.

Share relevant information



Curating the best user generated on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and sharing it can be a great asset. But you can look beyond that and become the go-to place for sports results with solutions as simple as Autoresponse Agents or live integration on your digital property.

After the event

Showtime may have ended but that does not mean people will stop caring or wanting to see content of the sport event they love. So even after the event is over there are still many possibilities to engage with your audience, from polling for the MVP to sharing curated content think beyond the event’s timeline.



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