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Flock to Unlock - A powerful solution to boost social engagement

The success of a social campaign can be conditioned by a great number of factors, and a very important one the participation dynamic proposed to engage the audience. We want to tell you more about a mechanic used by Movie Studios like Disney, Reality TV productions like Masterchef, Brands like Xiaomi and more around the world that helps drive anticipation and, in many cases, record numbers of engagement: Flock to Unlock mechanics.

The premise of the Flock-to-unlock solution is inviting your audience to tweet (or Retweet) using a specific hashtag until a targeted number of tweets is reached, and once that happens, an exclusive content is unlocked.

Putting your audience under the spotlight by making them feel a key part of your experience and rewarding them for their participation, is a perfect way to Incentivize them to spread your message. This solution can be used across all your digital properties (Web, Digital Displays or Broadcast Integration). Here are some use cases:

For product launches:
For the release of their Smart Band, Xiaomi, one of the world’s largest cellphone makers encouraged their audience to Tweet until they reached a targeted number of mentions with the hashtag #CadaTweetConta (the progress was reflected on the band charging indicator). After achieving the desired number of Tweets, customers received a personalized Twitter notification with the announcement that the product was released and available for purchase.


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For TV Shows
When the production teams of TV Shows take a strategic approach to Social Media, they too can generate record breaking levels of engagement. Such is the case of Masterchef, in its Basilian edition aired by Band.The production created some exclusive content that was to be unlocked by reaching a given number of tweets (hashtag uses). To support this action, they showed a progress bar in real time when the show aired, driving viewers to engage with the content. These mechanics contributed to the show becoming a global Trending Topic on various occasions and rewarded the audience with exclusive content not available anywhere else.


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For events

To promote the new Peugeot 208 car model at the annual cars exhibition, Peugeot used Flowics to amplify brand conversation on giant screens at the venue, encouraging visitors to be part of a Flock-to-Unlock experience by Tweeting to unveil the new Peugeot 208 model. An avatar wall inside the silhouette of a car showed the progress of the Flock to Unlock, once the targeted number of tweets was reached, the image of the new Peugeot model was unveiled.


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For Web Experiences

Descomplica, the Brazilian educational organization built a Social Hub for their annual online event to capitalize on the thousands of conversations around the hashtag #12hNerds and bring students an engaging conversation environment. Within this context, students were encouraged to participate tweeting in order to unlock exclusive videos and study materials created with this specific purpose.


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