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Integrating Social Media to Digital out of Home advertising

Digital out of home advertising has become one of the world’s fastest-growing advertising medium. Why? Because it’s effective and more measurable. Out-of-home advertising has always been a resource used by brands to reach the on-the go consumers, but the medium has evolved and the way to deliver brands’ messages also has.


Digital displays used to be differential assets, but now screens and digital billboards are already part of the city landscape and flashy ads can no longer guarantee to capture your customers’ attention. When to think about DOOH activations, it’s important to think in the same way you would about other forms of digital advertising. These are 5 thing to take into account:

  • Be contextually relevant
  • Deliver personalized content
  • Build great experiences for your audience
  • Make it cross media/channel
  • Measure results

How does social fit in?

Social Media can be a very powerful ally when planning a DOOH campaign. Delivering an interesting social experience to your on-the-go prospects can amplify your campaign and while helping your brand stay top of mind.

Your audience is the heart of your campaign

Consider a product launch. Instead of simply showcasing a catchy video on a billboard you can make your prospects interact and become a part of the Ad. Leverage the power of social by inviting your audience to participate and giving them their  “15 minutes “ of fame. Feature their message to thousands of people. This is a great way to build a two-way communication and extend the reach of the campaign exponentially beyond the limits of the venue.


Showcase UGC in the right place at the right moment

Think contextually. Imagine that you sell a particular product in different stores and you have managed to drive hundreds of walk-ins. Now is the perfect opportunity to captivate their attention and take them to the decision stage of their purchasing journey. Studies show that user generated content and customer reviews are key factors that can influence the  decision making process.


Source: Nielsen

Nothing says “this product is great” better than happy customers using it. If you have a great product, your customers are likely generating hundreds or thousands of posts on social media talking about it. Even more if you promote them with engaging Call-to-actions. So why not use this powerful endorsement where the purchase decisions take place? Social walls can be help you surface your audience’s opinion and help convince undecided customers.

Of course, these are just some examples, and again, you must think contextually and based on your customers’ behaviours. You can always build an appealing social experience on any screen size, and there are plenty of participation dynamics you can propose to connect with your audience and amplify your brand message.

Think contextually and creatively to implement the experience that will be the most appealing to your customers.

Measure, learn, repeat.

There are plenty of Social Analytics tools that can help you measure the performance of the campaign, but what happens with DOOH?.Here are some interesting tips from the IAB Digital Out-of-Home Buyer’s Guide :

Location Based Mobile Research The measurement of DOOH media is improving with new methodologies for attributing exposure, made possible through mobile device location data. Mobile location data can be utilized to verify a device’s precise location and verify exposure by looking at whether or not a consumer’s device was in proximity to a screen at the time an ad ran.

Location Based Effectiveness Studies By triggering real-time survey questions to consumers who have been in proximity to DOOH screens, advertisers can better understand the impact of consumer awareness and consideration.

Foot Traffic Studies Foot traffic can also be attributed to DOOH media exposure through mobile location data by analyzing the locations a device visited leading up to a store visit.

Cross-Channel Attribution As consumers move through the physical world, the smartphones in their pockets are constantly emitting valuable location signals, providing insight into both where they go throughout the day and how they interact with media.

Crossing information from your social analytics tools and these variables for sure will provide you with some interesting insights to analyze the performance of your Social DOOH campaign.