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How UGC trumps Influencers: the "Chewacca Mom" case

Candace didn’t have the biggest following on Facebook, nor was she a big celebrity or renowned journalist. She is the mother of Duncan and Cadence who went to Kohl’s to “make some returns” and got the Chewacca mask she absolutely loved. She made a (heartwarming, honest) video and got an order of magnitude more views than anything shared on Facebook Live Video before. Why? It is great, shareable content.

And this is a story that should raise a red flag for people that live of their “online influence” and brands counting on them to influence others. It’s not about the followers, it’s about the content.

It’s about the content, not the followers!

You cannot deny that thousands, millions of people like to see what their favourite celebrities, athletes, etc are up to. They turn to social networks daily and see what they are saying/doing/not doing. So it is understandable that giving access to something like Live Videos to celebrities can render good results.

BUT, there are thousands of very creative people generating honest, original content that their friends want to share. And the friends of their friends will want to share… If you take this and the fact that just a fraction of the content shared will be actually worth watching, and an even smaller percentage will be worth sharing, it is important to create and surface great content.

Not Buzzfeed nor Ellen Degeneres or The Rock came even close to the results Candace got. She got over 141.000.000 views (as of the time of writing) and the mask sold out everywhere! And it wasn’t because she was in some “influencer” list, nor was it because she was famous. It was because the content was absolutely great. Before you think “lets film a mom laughing!”, ask yourself this: How many people are sharing their “love videos” about your brand that you are missing out on?

Your brand has “Candace Paynes”, you just need to find them

With over 2 Billion pieces of content being shared on Social Networks every day, finding your “Chewacca Moms” can seem overwhelming. There are many ways to curate, surface and amplify this type of content, with platforms such as Flowics being the go-to choices for this task.
By the way, if you haven’t watched the video yet, you can do so here. Thank us later.

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