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How Brands can win Social Media Gold during this Olympics

The Olympics are coming. Fast. And with them comes the opportunity for brands to capitalize on the attention, fandom and excitement. Sponsoring the actual event is impossible now, as is sponsoring/supporting the delegations that will participate since those contracts are closed and filed.
There are still ways you can make the most out of the olympic buzz and get the most ROI on your sponsorship investment. These will also work, even if you are not a part of the elite group of sponsors and partners.
Here are 5 ways your brand can capitalize on the buzz

1- Become an Olympic Hub

Athletes are sharing their feats and their “behind the scenes” more than ever before. From world renowned Olympic Athletes like Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Lebron James, to lesser known multiple Olympic Medalists like Brasil’s Robert Scheidt to up and coming athletes from all over the world. You know your target audience, and the types of people and sports you want to be associated with.

Social Media Hubs, give you the ability to find, curate and display the best content (public) all these athletes are sharing and become the go-to place for your country’s olympic fans.



2- Offer personalized ways for people to support their athletes

Personalized AutoResponses are an effective way to do three things at scale and easily:
A- Help people show their support for the athletes

B- Associate your brand with the Olympics

C- Amplify the reach of a hashtag/phrase of your choosing.



3- Ready your Real-time Marketing strategy

There will be bloopers. There will be epic stories of overcoming difficulties. New sports heroes will be born. Legends will take to the biggest stage again.
With no shortage of events and moments, it is important to monitor and understand what people are reacting to, what they are loving and hating and take advantage of this on the spot. When the moment comes, your team will either take advantage of it on the spot, or read about how the competition was timely and to-the-point on AdAge the following day.
To really leverage real-time marketing opportunities, it is essential that all these points are met:
A- Listen to and monitor social activity. Classify and curate the most relevant content.

B- Have a process in place to give your teams flexibility to react quickly.

C- Measure and react accordingly.

command center

4- Sponsor exciting experiences in the best media outlets

Maybe you don’t want your brand to be an Olympics Hub for your customers, but you know that your target audience enjoys reading or watching the coverage of a particular media outlet. Your brand can become the enabler for social interactions with that property by sponsoring social experiences.




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