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Media + Olympic Games: a Golden opportunity

After 4 years waiting, the Olympic Games are just around the corner. Social Media will become the go-to place for fans to meet, comment and exchange their opinions. Their emotions will be manifested in 140 characters, Snaps, Pictures and Status updates, and it’s the perfect opportunity for media outlets to capitalize on that content, provide a discussion environment and fuel those conversations with engaging participation mechanics.

Here we would like to share some useful tips that will help media better connect with their audiences during this event.

Capitalize on the pre-competition excitement

Everyone has it’s own ritual before enjoying their favorite sport competition. Let’s think about our “average Joe”: Joe is a sports enthusiast, before every competition he grabs some chips, turns on the TV, opens a beer, sits on his comfortable couch, starts his favorite social network/s to see what people are saying. And you have a great opportunity to connect with this audience.

There are millions of people producing tons of content that you can capitalize on. Before the match/discipline begins, provide conversations boosters, encouraging your audience to keep talking while they generate impressions in social media about you.

Tip: The right hashtag can be the most powerful asset to put your show under the spotlight. But a poorly chosen one could distract the audience from your show, that’s why you must be careful when choosing one. Learn more

Here some ideas:

Voting polls

Which team is going to win the match? Who is going to win the gold medal? Invite viewers to vote with either Tweets or using Facebook hashtags. This will help you boost earned media and keep your audience engaged until the beginning of each discipline.


Surface fan’s voices

Integrate fans’ voices in real-time, and keep conversation going. Social integrations can be a very positive addition to the viewer's’ experience by giving them opportunities to feel closer to the event and favorite athletes.



Promote participation during competitions

Taekwon-do’s final for the gold medal has just began, and Joe doesn’t want to miss any second of it. While fans are engaged watching their favorite disciplines, it’s a good opportunity to provide simple but entertaining participation mechanics to enrich even more their experience, for example:

Flock to unlock

Invite your audience to tweet in order to unlock exclusive content at the end of the match.



Continue encouraging them to keep voting. Who will win Taekwon-do’s gold Medal?


Keep your audience engaged between competitions

The previous competition is over, and Jane has to wait several hours or even a couple of days until the next one starts. There are several things you can do in order to keep him engaged with your content.

Social Hubs

Drive traffic to your digital properties. Aggregate and display all the Social buzz around the different disciplines and athletes. Enable new interactions with the audience at all times, increasing engagement 24x7.



Reward your audience participation

Reward your thousands or millions of followers for their participation with customized content. Personalized jerseys, flags, or even their own gold medal with their handle on it



Monetize content

Add value to your audience’s experience with a new engagement layer. Social Sponsorship allows you to integrate sponsors in way that is not only non-intrusive. Create a new revenue stream letting Advertisers have a deeper integration with the story they want to be associated with in novel ways.