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Using Social Content Curation Tools for News Media Outlets

Social Media is no longer just place for people to connect and share their experiences, Social Networks are constantly evolving, as well the reasons why people choose them. For example Social Media has become one of the most popular channels for young people to stay informed.
Let’s check for example this BBC article: Social media 'outstrips TV' as news source for young people

According to this article:

  • Of the 18-to-24-year-olds surveyed, 28% cited social media as their main news source, compared with 24% for TV.


chart 2

  • Facebook and other social media outlets have moved beyond being "places of news discovery" to become the place people consume their news
  • Most of those surveyed said they used a smartphone to access news, with the highest levels in Sweden (69%), Korea (66%) and Switzerland (61%), and they were more likely to use social media rather than going directly to a news website or app.

This clearly changes the paradigm about how news media outlets reach young audiences. People apart from being news consumers are also news creators. With the continuous rise of smartphones to capture relevant moments, persons can now be “journalist” and be at the scene of a major happenings before any other media.  And media outlets have a great opportunity here to capitalize on this.

With over 2 Billion pieces of content created daily, Social Media can be overwhelming, and more so if you’re trying to find the best content and news. But Social Content Curation tools can help you with this heavy task of finding that needle in the Haystack. Some of the benefits of using these kind of tools are:

  • Organize and save the content for later use. Add relevance and background to stories as they unfold or re-engage your audience with timely content.
  • Curating the content and classifying it will enable you to re-surface it the moment you need it most.
  • Add context to stories. Discover the best content from the right stakeholders to add context as events develop.  From pictures shared by celebrities using keywords in a specific location to tributes paid by brands to an artist, Content Curation can help your content be more relevant.
  • Find and classify the best reviews. Curate what people are saying and classify their testimonies by age, location, gender, product mentioned and more.

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