2020: The Show Must Go On!

This year was full of changes, and it was also full of learning experiences for all, especially those in the broadcasting industry. Overnight, the vast majority of media outlets had to reformulate their production workflows and adjust content grids that were severely affected by the suspension of live events (music and sports) and the halted recording of programs.

Despite these changes, great shows were produced, and in this blog post, we will highlight how some of our clients entrusted Flowics with the responsibility of maximizing their potential and helping them move forward.


beIN Sports – Interactive Reruns

Given the lack of live sporting events, beIN Sports launched #ClasicoAtHome, a show that invited fans to relive historic matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona. It was broadcast weekly on social media platforms (Facebook Live and YouTube Live) and the beIN SPORTS Extra channel. In each broadcast, beIN SPORTS used different Flowics engagement mechanics to captivate the audience; these included polls, trivia questions, and audience commentary.



FOX Sports Brazil – Remote Productions

Measures taken to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 meant that FOX Sports Brazil had to minimize the number of people in the studio. They had to formulate a plan quickly in order to continue broadcasting. By using Flowics’ tools as part of a new production workflow, the channel was able to produce shows with “live” remote talent and synchronize this participation with graphics generated and operated remotely (instead of on-site, as was customary).




ESPN - Interactivity and Remote Production

ESPN Latin America was not an exception to the rule either. Like many others, the channel had to reimagine its production workflows and content strategy in a short period of time. For a large part of the year, the channel relied on Flowics to remotely create and operate graphics for its different shows and generate a constant back-and-forth with the audience through different participation mechanics (polls, trivia, on-air audience content, and more).



EA Sports -  Cloud Graphics and Audience Participation

EA Sports, a leader in the video-game industry, also had to adapt its production workflows. For both FIFA 21 Global Series Challenge and Madden NFL's Derwin James vs The World, EA implemented Flowics’ cloud graphics and interactivity solutions.


Flowics - EA Sports - Cloud Graphics & Audience Participation on Twitc


IRONMAN Virtual Racing (VR) Pro Challenge

With competitions suspended, IRONMAN invited fans to experience IRONMAN® Virtual Racing ™ (VR), an event broadcast on Facebook Watch in which star triathletes participated from their homes using stationary bikes integrated with the Rouvy app. Each race attracted thousands of spectators and offered an enriched experience thanks to audience participation and the incorporation of graphics showing performance data and metrics (speed, heart rate, etc.) for competitors in real-time.





How has Flowics helped the industry during these difficult times?

This year, we were fully committed to helping our customers and their industries when they needed us most. In 2020 we created relevant resources and continued developing an increasingly powerful product—providing simple solutions that integrate easily into the industry ecosystem and have a significant impact on our clients' business:


Webinars - Cloud Graphics – New Production Flows for TV and Live Streaming

This year, we held a series of webinars, in which we talked about our new remote production workflows and the implementation of cloud graphics solutions, using testimonials from industry experts (FOX Sports, GNT Globosat, Turner Latin America, and WIN Sports). To watch these webinars on-demand, use the following links:


Support for Google Sheets as a Data Source in Cloud Graphics

This new function further expands our range of possibilities for creating dynamic graphics using external data sources. This new support tool allows designers and producers to integrate data from Google Sheets into their graphics in real-time.




Timeline-Based Animations for Lists and Overlays

 We recently announced the availability of a new transition engine that offers support for creating timeline-based animations for lists and overlays in any graphics package. This new support tool allows users to orchestrate animations for each building block in an overlay as well as for paginated lists.



Live Data Integration

With this recent addition, users can now integrate external data in order to build real-time graphics. One can use XML / JSON or Google Sheets to keep content updated without having to re-edit designs.



Lastly, we want to take a moment to thank our customers and partners for putting their trust in Flowics and letting us help them enhance their productions. We know this has been a difficult year, but we hope that 2021 will bring us all together again and we can toast to a new year full of exciting challenges. Cheers!