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How to increase your eCommerce traffic and sales with Social Media and UGC

Driving traffic to an online store is probably one of the biggest challenges digital marketers have to face. With thousands of other players battling for the same audience, cutting through the noise and getting people to notice what you have to say, can be a real struggle. Social Media has become one of the most important channels used by brands to spread their messages, but the success of their social campaigns can be conditioned by a great number of factors. Social Networks offer multiple options to help brands target and connect with their customers (Ads, live streaming, etc) but there are several other alternatives that online portals can explore to drive sales and engage their audiences with Social Media. In this blog post we will mention some of them.

1 – Shoppable Content

Your Instagram channel is probably one of the most inspiring assets you could have, even more if you fuel it with real pictures from customers using/wearing your products. People  scrolling through your feed might be interested in purchasing products featured there. Unfortunately you cannot add a direct link to your e-store in the comments. To shorten the purchasing steps, you can turn your Instagram feed into an interactive storefront, and take your followers to a shoppable gallery in just one click.



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2- Tweet to remind

This mechanic is really useful to alert your customers before Big Sales. Using our AutoResponse Agents solution, you can invite consumers to subscribe to these alerts with just a Tweet or a RT. Once users are subscribed, they will be reminded of special promotions in the future with a personalized Tweet including a Summary Card. Tweet_to_remind_garbarino

3- Polls

Polls are probably one of the most popular mechanics used in Social Media to engage audiences. They can be great conversation triggers but also, if smartly used, can provide a great input about your customer’s likes and dislikes. You can use Social Polls powered by our Social Hubs solution, to invite consumers to choose the next promotion or which product should go on Sale the next week. Consumers will be encouraged to vote with a Tweet or a Post on Facebook, driving additional Earned Media for your brand too. falabella

4- Flock to Unlock

The premise of the Flock-to-unlock solution is inviting your audience to Tweet (or Retweet) using a specific hashtag until a target number of Tweets is reached. Once that happens, an exclusive content or promotion gets unlocked.

Social Hub_OLX

As part of their campaign “Esquadrão Desapega” (Detaching Squad), OLX used influencers to encourage people to Tweet to unlock an exclusive message from this Squad. Once the target was reached, every participant received a personalized Tweet response with the unlocked message.


This Way OLX was able to raise awareness and promote the utilization of the platform with engaging participation mechanics.

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