4 reasons why you should implement a UGC strategy

As a brand, the stories you tell are more likely to be listened and embraced if there are certain characters and key elements that convey authenticity and generate empathy with your consumers.

The main characters of your stories could be your customers, in fact they are also going to be your storytelling partners. For  a couple of years now, customers have shifted from consumers to prosumers (content producers + consumers) becoming this way one of the most influencing brands’ voices.

Because your customers are producing content 24x7, having a consistent UGC strategy will help you deliver a more authentic and trustworthy brand message.  

The power of UGC can be harnessed as an always-on strategy, beyond individual campaigns, helping you enhance the relationship with your consumers across every digital touchpoint.

In this blog post we would like to highlight 4 reasons why you should implement a UGC strategy

1- UGC influences your customer journey

From campaigns that encourage user participation and raise brand awareness to user reviews that help to build brand trust, it has been proved that UGC can play an important role in every stage of your customer journey (awareness, consideration, decision, delight):

  • 48% of consumers say that UGC is a great way to discover new products (Forrester)
  • 65% of social media users from ages 18 to 24 consider information that's shared on social networks when making a purchasing decision (emarketer)
  • 41% of consumers only need to see 1 to 4 user generated content reviews to be influenced to purchase.(Adweek)
  • Consumers are 83 % more likely to trust peer recommendations above branded advertisements (Marketing Land)

(Learn more about how UGC can help your customer journey)

2 - UGC enriches your always-on content strategy

Putting a UGC strategy in practice, implies having a clear vision of how you would like to articulate these assets with your overall content strategy. With this in place, you'll be able to define the content you want monitor and curate, for which purpose, how you will handle it and understand how it will contribute to enrich your customers’ experience. Whether is content your customers are organically generating or created as a consequence of a campaign you are running, you should collect all this material and build a library of curated assets ready to use for future marketing initiatives.

Flowics can help you organize and save the content for later use. Add relevance and background to stories as they unfold or re-engage your audience with timely content. From verified accounts, to types of media, you can organize the content in many ways.


You can now use that fresh content for your every-day marketing efforts. 

As we mentioned before, your audience is constantly creating content about your brand (pictures, videos, tweets, posts, etc) and you have the perfect opportunity here to leverage this customer enthusiasm. Capitalize on those valuable marketing assets and repurpose them on other digital properties. Let’s see the following examples:

Discover the best content and ask for user permission.


(Learn how Flowics can help you discover fresh content  and how you should handle social media rights)

Repurpuse UGC on your own social channels and make it part of your ongoing social content publishing schedule


Use authentic content from consumers in your ads creative, to increase conversion rates.  (Ads with UGC can have a 4x higher CTR )


3- Cost reduction

You can significatively reduce content production costs by using UGC. The content is out there, created selfishly by your audience, you only need to find it, ask for permission and use it. Real content from real people brings authenticity to your brand message and your customers are creating it for free. So based on your strategical UGC approach, you will know what content you need to collect and for which purpose.

4- Get customer insights

A deeper analysis of what you customer are publishing about your brand will help you obtain valuable insights about their behaviours.

Learn from them, understand the content they are producing every day and use those insights to adjust your own Content strategy. Are they sharing content about a specific product?  Are they doing it from specific venues or locations? In which context are they producing that material? Those are some examples of trigger questions marketers could ask themselves to find patterns about their audiences habits.

As an example of this, after analyzing UGC from a major movie theater chain, we found several interesting insights and patterns about their customers’ behaviours. Tickets, pop corns and pictures with the movie posters were in the podium of the most shared content. That valuable and actionable information could lead to future marketing campaigns based on that kind of content.


Having a consistent always-on UGC strategy can bring great results to your company in terms of engagement and marketing efficiency. Learn how Flowics can help you! Request a free demo