Success Story: beIN SPORTS US — Interactive Reruns powered by Flowics

The void left by the suspension of practically all sporting events around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the media to reprogram much of its content grid.

As a result, many sports channels have turned to their archives for content—allowing audiences to relive great games from across history. What soccer fan doesn’t want to relive, for example, Messi's first Hat-trick against Real Madrid or that 2-6 match at Santiago Bernabéu? Broadcasting matches and games from the archives is a resource now being used by most sports channels, which begs the question: how to make your content even more attractive than the rest?

One way to do so is by adding an interactive layer to your broadcasts that provides viewers with a nuanced experience. This is what beIN SPORTS has been doing during its new broadcast, #ClasicoAtHome.

#ClasicoAtHome is a production that airs weekly on social platforms (Facebook Live and YouTube Live) and on the beIN SPORTS Extra channel. The show invites fans to relive historic games between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and during each broadcast, beIN SPORTS uses different Flowics engagement mechanics to keep their audiences hooked.

Polls: Who was the best captain of all time? What about the best striker? During broadcasts, fans can participate in different on-air surveys and respond in real time through Native Twitter polls or by commenting with specific hashtags on different social networks.

Trivia: In this participation mechanic, the production team challenges fans to answer sports history trivia questions, for example: who was the youngest player to score in "El Clásico"?

Photos and comments from the audience: During broadcasts, different CTAs appear on the screen, inviting the audience to send in questions, comments, and even images that will later appear on air during the game.


Native Twitter poll results displayed on air using Flowics' Cloud Graphics solution.



            Comments from the audience on Social Networks integrated into the broadcast.



Photos and videos from both audience members and players' official accounts.

Through the use of these mechanics, beIN SPORTS aims to “gamify” the experience, creating the feel of a live show. and adding value to pre-recorded content.

Creating Graphic Scenes

Flowics' Cloud Graphics solution is used to create graphic packages with full L bars that display not only social-media and audience-engagement content, but also news and other relevant information.

Flowics’ solution also gives you the ability to create visualizations with dynamic content, using data from Google Sheets. Learn more about this new functionality.



This is just one example of how the media is adapting to new realities. Learn how Flowics can help you capture and retain the attention of your audience—even when using footage from the archive.

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