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How can Sports Organizations bring more value to their digital properties to Increase Fan Engagement and Create New Revenue Streams

Digital spaces can become extensions of physical ones. Extend your fans’ experience from the court or field onto digital play-spaces in which they become key players in a virtual game. Not only is this a way to generate distinctive income streams, it’s also a way to better connect with fans, building a strong relationship based on positive and fun activities tailored for enthusiasts. This makes for long-standing relationships and loyalty, essential aspects of dedicated fans of any team.

Given these exciting possibilities, we would like to demonstrate how sports organizations can add value to their digital properties to enrich the fan experience and generate a new source of income.

Digital & Social Hubs

Social and digital hubs can be transformed into unique and valuable assets. They are platforms for conversation and highlight audience participation and social content from players, fans, brands and more—all in a central, curated way. These spaces are relevant and important to fans and provide an opportunity for sponsors who wish to reach a wider audience and be a more present part of the fan experience and conversation.




Builder_postWith over 45+ ready-to-use templates and widgets and a drag & drop interface, Flowics’ Web Pages Builder allows users to build digital experiences without having to write even one line of code.

Participation mechanics to keep Fans engaged in between games

Get the excitement rolling before a game and keep it alive after the final goal, touchdown, or point. Sporting organizations can stay close to their audience by using digital platforms as virtual stadiums or fan clubs, and in doing so, keep viewers tuned in and enthusiastic. Here are some mechanics that you can embed on your digital hubs or apps in order keep fans engaged:

Man of the Match

In this mechanic, the best player of a match or game is put up to a vote, resulting in a surge in site traffic and app downloads and, in turn, lots of air time for the sponsor associated with the vote.

man match_post


Predict & Win

Fans love guessing what will happen and trying to use their knowledge of the game to predict outcomes. And, this interest can be turned into an opportunity for gathering information about an audience. In this participation mechanic, sporting organizations can drive traffic to their digital properties and nurture a database of visitors by having them fill out a form. The result is both beneficial to the organization and its sponsors, who are not only getting more views but also retaining useful information about the audience that’s being reached.



Video Polls

Keep fans hyped up after a sporting event by inviting them to vote for the best play of the game via a video poll. The audience stays engaged, and this space becomes a prime monetization opportunity. Pre-roll ads and videos for each voting option mean more video views and more ad views. This allows for a direct monetization opportunity (on an existing digital advertising engine).




Scoring Mechanics

Turn fans into post-game commentators by giving them the power to score the performance of players. This kind of mechanic helps the sporting organization to drive traffic to its digital properties and promote app downloads.



Sponsored Social Zone

Increase your Ad inventory and keep track on the Social footprint of your team and players' accounts directory with a Sponsored Social Zone. Provide fans a centralized space with all your official social activity. 

sponsored_social_2VIEW LIVE DEMO

New sponsorship opportunities

As you could see in previous examples, digital spaces are full of monetization potential for sporting entities. Content can be controlled and curated, and sports organizations can generate bespoke participation mechanics. During, before, and after games, organizations can invite audiences to check out their apps or websites and participate in different ways, opening up an attractive channel for sponsors who want to gain better reach within specific audiences. Getting involved in this way also allows sponsors to score some more screen time, all while being associated with interactive mechanics that are both fun for and beneficial to the audience.


If you’d like to learn more about how Flowics can help your organization engage fans and monetize its digital platforms, don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a demo!