Client Case: Esporte Interativo. Visual Radio Live Streaming on FB Live and YT Live.

Over the last few years, social media and live streaming platforms have become widely-used channels for covering sports events, giving broadcasters the flexibility to explore different program formats and attract more fans.

Today, we’re sharing the story of Arquibancada EI, a project from Esporte Interativo (Turner/WarnerMedia) in Brazil, which broadcasts soccer games from different leagues in a radio-like format on Facebook Live and YouTube Live, but using visual and interactive components that enrich the show.

Content selection is based on prioritizing games that, for rights reasons, are not easily accessible to audiences in Brazil, thus allowing the public to access them, at least through a digital radio show on social media platforms, with interactivity and agile production workflows.




In these radio-like live streams, graphic content is front and center, accompanying the announcement of the game with dynamic information and facts, which are updated every minute to keep the audience entertained.

Flowics’ Cloud Graphics platform enables graphics editors to create the entire graphics package used during broadcasts, integrating formations, substitutions, results, yellow/red cards, captions, and other kinds of relevant information on air.

Thanks to the Google Sheets support as an external data source, the production team can manage all of this content and information remotely. This gives them the ability to edit and make changes to information that will be reflected on air in real time, without needing to edit graphics—everything is done in the cloud and in a collaborative environment.




The Flowics Remote Control allows users to operate the input and output of on-air graphics and manage social media content and other participation mechanics, all from a single interface.



In addition, the simple integration of Flowics and OBS (the live-streaming production tool used here) allows Esporte Interativo to streamline and substantially optimize its production workflows, reducing implementation time and resources.

Interactivity & Monetization

Another important aspect of this project is audience participation. Fans are able to participate at any time through polls and votes (both on Facebook and YouTube) and by sharing comments, which are then shown on-air throughout the broadcast.

This participatory environment encourages sponsors, who wish to associate themselves with the experience and format of the show, to get involved. Their content can easily be integrated into the graphics and its input and output on air can also be controlled through the remote control application.



If you would like to learn more about how Flowics can help you enhance your radio show on digital platforms, don’t hesitate to schedule a demo!