Creating Facebook Live Polls with Flowics

Live video streaming continues to rise in popularity and Facebook, including Instagram and together with rivals like YouTube and Twitch, is one of the preferred social platforms for broadcasters, streamers and creators of live video content.

With so much video content (live or VOD) available in so many different platforms, one of the keys to attract audiences and increase viewership is to include participation mechanics to let viewers interact with content and live shows, avoiding a zombie-like passive content consumption experience.

To help streamers achieve this goal, Facebook has released a set of new interactive live video features in order to push further active video consumption. FB Live polls are part of this initiative: they enable content producers and streamers to include interactive polls, which are really simple for viewers to engage with.

In the past, before the availability of FB Live polls, live streamers had to rely on alternative ways of conducting polls, using reactions of #hashtag-based polling through comments to a post. These tactics are considered engagement bait by Facebook and shouldn’t be used by content producers. See the official post from Facebook for more info.

Why are FB Live polls such a great resource for your live stream?

One of they key features of FB Live polls is the fact that they run “on device” (instead of being delivered as part of the video stream, ingested server-side): this means that the poll widget is rendered client-side, optimizing the full-screen mobile experience. Viewers can now take part in polls or quizzes directly by clicking or tapping the desired option in a poll, directly on top of the video player. Participation is immediate and anonymous, making the viewing experience even more interactive than before.

Flowics’ support for managing FB Live polls enables our customers to:

  • Easily setup polls with up to four answers, collect responses and share the results with your Facebook Live audience.

  • Display results of any poll using HTML5 graphics authored with our Graphics Builder or integrate results with your preferred CG (character generator) system (Vizrt, Chyron, Avid, etc), depending on your live video production infrastructure.

  • Control the exact moment to open or close polls and put them live on your live stream. Add new questions and answers on-the-fly, while your show is live. Manage polls and graphics through our remote control interface.

  • Get reports and analytics to understand how users engage with polls, over time and across different live videos. Measure engagement ratio, on screen time, etc.


Flowics FB Live Polls are used during FB Watch Copa Libertadores broadcast in Latin America. Graphics are all HTML5 cloud-based, created by our Graphics Builder.

live poll completa (2) copy

(Desktop view)



(Mobile View)


Flowics FB Live Polls are used during FB Watch Champions Leagues broadcasts in Latin America. Graphics are created with a broadcast graphics engine, integrated with Flowics.



How it works?


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