Displaying Social Content at Big Screens and Venues just got easier!

At Flowics we are committed to help brands and media to capitalize on user-generated content, by providing them with tools to stimulate, moderate and analyze conversations on Social Media and amplify the reach of UGC to any digital environment.

One of our core modules is our Visualizations Builder, which lets users create and deploy complex digital experiences based on Social UGC in just minutes and with a few clicks, without having to write a single line of code.

You can build any type of layouts, combine a broad set of social widgets and page elements from our catalog and easily customize the look and feel to your brand guidelines.

Now you can apply all these features to build social content visualizations for any screen size and resolution. You can now build personalized Social Command Centers for the office, display curated content on big TV studio screens, deploy live Social Walls for an event or social content Tickers for a jumbotron, digital signage or any other use case. All in just a few clicks!

It’s easy to do. Go to the Visualizations section on your Engage account and choose create New.


Choose In-Venue Display and start building your next social content visualization. Choose your screen resolution, drag & drop web elements and widgets, choose colors, define animations and transitions, etc. When you are done, hit publish and Voilà! Your experience will be live and ready for display.


If needed, add an extra level of customization using our integrated CSS editor to add some custom CSS code.  

And there’s more great news to share! We are also releasing two new widgets specially designed for displaying content on big screens: the Ticker and the LiveWall. See them in action below:

Live Wall
These two widgets feature:
  • Multiple social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Video Auto-play: native video, animated GIFs and more! Video will play automatically when being displayed on any social post.
  • Ticker with manual or automatic cycling: You can either choose to load the next or previous mention manually or automatically
  • Customizable animation settings: You can choose the interval time and transition animations between mentions

So whether your are a brand building a new command center for a War Room or integrating Social into digital signage, a TV broadcaster showcasing social commentary and stats at a live display in the TV studio, a sports venue featuring fans at the stadium jumbotrons, or an event organizer adding social interaction to a conference or festival, you now have new tools by Flowics to work with UGC on any environment.

Interested in learning more about our In-Venue & Big Displays solution?  Contact us for a demo