Flowics Graphics Updates: more design tools to create captivating broadcast graphics in the cloud

We are delighted to announce a number of new features for Flowics Graphics that will streamline broadcast graphics creation and live operation in the cloud.

Here's what's new!


You can now add shadows to most graphics elements (Container, Rectangle, Image, Progress Bar, Embed & Post Media). You can also add multiple shadows to the same element and change their order, providing graphics artists with more creative possibilities for authoring graphics.

QR Codes

More and more, we are seeing QR codes being used on live broadcasts to create a two-way experience with the audience through a Second Screen. That's why we added this new building block to our catalog. Just add any link and we'll generate a QR code for you. Then you'll be able to customize the appearance and use it as part of your graphics.

Scenes & Regions management

While designing your graphics package, you can organize your overlays in different scenes and group together those graphics elements that correspond to the same segment of your show or live event.

Users can now re-arrange scenes in any order they want and add new regions to any scene by just dragging a Region element and dropping it to the tree of building blocks. 

Text Crawler

Whether it is financial information, social commentary or latest news, using crawlers to display useful and relevant material is a commonly used resource to nurture the editorial content of a TV show. From now on, users will be able easily add this element to their graphic scenes. 

Grid Layout for Lists

In addition to the existing possibility of displaying content from a dynamic list in columns or row formats,  this new feature will let productions display content with a grid format, allowing them, for example, to showcase multiple social posts in full screen with ease. 



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