Flowics Graphics Updates: Timeline-based Animations, Masking, Events, Output Profiles and More!

Today we are excited to announce new product features that will help users create more captivating and interactive graphics and streamline production workflows. This is what's new:

Timeline-based Animations for Overlays and Lists

A new and more powerful transitions engine is now available! It adds support for building timeline-based animations for your overlays and lists in any graphics package. This new support will enable users to orchestrate animations for every single building block in an overlay and for lists paginations.

From an intuitive interface designers will be able to select the animation effects, define duration & delay and configure in/out transitions.



Masking support

With the purpose of helping designers create more professional and stunning graphics, we have added masking support to our graphics editor. This way users will be able to add custom frames or shapes to dynamically loaded images (such as users avatars or posts media) or give images a custom look, without having to edit the original ones.

There are now 3 different types of masking options available:

  • Area Mask

This type of Mask will hide every part of all Container's descendants that overflow the boundaries of the Container itself.


Area Masking


  • Gradient Mask

This type of Mask uses a gradient as a masking layer and will let you control the opacity of each step of the gradient.

  • Image Mask

This type of mask uses an image as a masking layer. Opaque pixels of the image will become the visible parts of your element, and transparent pixels will be hidden.

image mask lower


Events for Lists

Now you can create interactive graphics for touchscreen interfaces. You can add click / tap events to certain building blocks to make them interactive. For example, you can add events to right and left arrows to paginate over a list of social media posts, add play/pause buttons, etc. Give your on-air host more tools to interact with graphics.



More Region Templates

We have added additional region templates (PiP, L-Bar, etc), that you can choose from when creating your graphics scenes. With this addition, we have also increased from 4 to a maximum of 8 active overlays on screen at any time.



Output Profiles & Tags for Graphics

Now you can generate more than 1 Output URL for a single graphics package, allowing graphics operators to control multiple outputs (with different overlays assigned to each) from the same web-based Remote Control interface. For example, you can use different profiles when doing a live production and a recording (for an on-demand version) and you need certain overlays just be rendered in the live output, but not in the on-demand one.




If you want to learn more about these new features, do not hesitate to schedule a demo.