Flowics Joins the Vizrt Group

To our dear friends, customers and partners,

We are pleased to announce that Flowics is today joining the Vizrt Group family. We’ve had an incredible journey with our cloud-native, browser-based platform these past few years, and we cannot wait to start this new chapter in the history of Flowics. We are a small but deeply passionate team, and we could not have achieved all that we have without you -- our partners, peers, and users.

For our customers, this acquisition will make you part of Vizrt Group’s large community of like-minded media creators and storytellers from all over the world. The Flowics team stays intact, but is now supported by the global expertise and support network of Vizrt Group.

We at Flowics have had an exciting ride since the day we started this company almost seven years ago. As with most startups, it’s been a roller coaster. Our value proposition has evolved from an audience interaction platform that integrated with traditional CGs to an HTML5 graphics solution for rendering viewer participation to – finally – a full-fledged cloud-native broadcast graphics engine with live data integrations and audience engagement features.

Today, we've grown to a fully remote 40-person team operating in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America, and the Flowics platform serves nearly 100 customers in 25 different countries across multiple verticals: news, sports, esports, entertainment, and many more.

To our customers, thanks for trusting us throughout all these years. Thanks for your continued support and feedback and for helping us build the most comprehensive cloud-based graphics platform in the market. We look forward to continuing to support you all in the future.

To our partners, thanks for building with us and for working together to assure that our shared customers have the best user experience when combining our solutions.

To our friends and family, thanks for your help and for being there when we needed you most.

To the Flowics team, you’re just amazing, thanks for all the hard work and for your commitment to our vision. The best is yet to come.

Flowics and Vizrt Group are both pioneers of software-defined visual storytelling. We share a powerful purpose: to help our customers tell more stories, better told. As the world leader in broadcast technology, Vizrt Group understands that visualization of information and data matters more than ever when trying to captivate audiences splintered across various media platforms.

Vizrt Group’s interest in our technology’s versatility comes from a desire to provide simple, quick-to-deploy, cloud-native graphics solutions that can be used from anywhere. Our platform is the best way to achieve this, and Vizrt Group sees great potential in the intersection of our offering and all of its technology brands: NewTek, NDI, and Vizrt. We just can’t wait to announce all that we’re planning for the coming months and the shared roadmap of innovations that we’ve been working on.

We are glad to now be a part of a well-respected company that, in turn, respects and appreciates our customers and the value of our platform.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this new chapter in the Flowics story.