Flowics Middleware Now Supports Flowics Data Connectors

We are thrilled to announce that Flowics Middleware now supports Flowics Data Connectors, acting as a real-time bridge to integrate cloud-based data sources with on-premises equipment, and vice versa.

Prior to this, Data Connectors were only available as add-ons for the Flowics Graphics cloud-based graphics engine. For our Flowics Middleware subscribers, and those who subscribe to any of our available Flowics Data Connectors, this update allows broadcasters to integrate live data from any of the 20-plus natively integrated data providers into any third-party graphics engine they choose.

“With this new offering, Flowics is bringing even more options to broadcasters for simplifying live data integration into on-air graphics. We have a growing catalog of native integrations in the Flowics platform with many different data providers.”
Gabriel Baños
Flowics CEO and Founder




New support for Flowics Middleware brings more flexibility to production workflows

We take our customer feedback very seriously, and this update is a direct response to our customer's desire for the ability to use their traditional graphics systems for certain production workflows. Now, customers  have the flexibility to choose the graphics engine that best fits their individual needs and production workflows, or to reuse existing graphics scenes without having to import them to Flowics Graphics.

“The connectors reduce time and effort for broadcast engineering and graphics teams, while the new support for Flowics Middleware will bring more flexibility to production workflows. This update gives users a mix of more flexibility with time and cost savings.”
Gabriel Baños
Flowics CEO and Founder

Users of Flowics Middleware are now able to incorporate Data Connectors as add-ons to their subscription, just as Flowics Graphics users currently do. This capability is already available for Flowics customers.

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