Flowics Graphics now supported in AWS Elemental MediaLive

In case you missed it, AWS Elemental MediaLive just announced support for HTML 5 motion graphics overlays.

This is great news because you can now use Flowics Graphics directly in the AWS MediaLive environment to create high-quality live video streams with interactive content and live graphics, adding more flexibility to your productions.

Here you can find the official documentation which explains how to use the motion graphics overlay feature to superimpose a motion image onto the video in a MediaLive channel.

How to use this with Flowics?

Activate Motion Graphics

Once you have your channel created, enable Motion Graphics configuration in the General Settings. Be aware there is an additional charge for using this feature.

Add an Schedule action of type "Motion graphics image activate"

Once added the support in the step before, you'll need to add an Schedule action of type “Motion Graphics Image activate”.

Click on the settings option for this action and input the Output URL of your Flowics Graphics in the URL field.

That's all. Three simple steps to add Flowics Graphics to your live video streams delivered through MediaLive.

NOTE: for the moment, according to the official documentation from MediaLive, audio and video tags are not supported in the HTML5 graphics. This means that, for example, you won't be able to play videos in graphics showing Twitter or Instagram videos.

Flowics is the most comprehensive cloud-based platform powering remote and in-studio production of live graphics and interactive content for digital and linear broadcasters. Now anyone using AWS MediaLive and Flowics can easily add live graphic overlays by simply adding the graphics output URL into the MediaLive interface.

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