Flowics powers interactive Live Video Shopping experience for Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger and interactive live streaming agency Heroes Group AG partnered with Flowics to revolutionize the online shopping experience as we know it.

E-commerce is one of the largest sources of revenue for retailers around the world and everyday new sources for online shopping emerge. Tommy Hilfiger partnered with Flowics’ cloud graphics and audience participation platform to differentiate their online shopping events by tailoring the experience to the modern customer. For the first time ever, the audience can interact with the livestream by offering their input on the items being displayed. Viewers can purchase products and add to their carts in real-time, directly through graphics displayed in the video player - without the inconvenience of being redirected to a different website or needing to call a hotline.

Once the live event is over, the production remains in the cloud so consumers can re-watch the program or watch it for the first time via the VOD (video-on-demand) viewer. During these reruns buyers can continue to shop and engage with the graphics as though they are watching in real-time. The entire experience facilitates online shopping for customers and offers an innovative way for retail brands to attract buyers through untapped revenue streams.

The New Way to Shop - Interactive live streams in the cloud

Shoppers can access the Tommy Hilfiger livestream shopping events on their website to experience a new era of online shopping. Through Tommy Hilfiger’s implementation of Flowics, the retailer is able to feature on-screen graphics that show every item in real-time, as the models are displaying them on the livestream. The advanced graphics include a clickable “buy” button which allows shoppers to buy items directly through the video player for the first time ever! This effectively eliminates the disruptive and cumbersome methods of conventional teleshopping, which require customers to place orders via a phone call or an online shop that disconnects them from the livestream.  


Tommy Hilfiger is also leveraging Flowics’ audience participation capabilities. There are frequent opportunities for viewers to vote on their favorite designs, patterns and styles throughout the program. The results are shared live on the air which keeps the audience engaged. This interactive layer offers shoppers the unique chance to contribute their thoughts and opinions, ultimately retaining potential buyers by actively immersing them in the online shopping event.


The cloud native infrastructure of the Flowics platform made it easy for Heroes Group AG, Tommy Hilfiger’s production company, to design and operate all the graphics for this live shopping experience. The team can seamlessly edit the text on screen, add and remove visuals and arrange the graphic displays to their liking - all from a single, user-friendly interface.

If you would like to explore ways to better connect with customers through an interactive teleshopping event, contact Flowics today. Our cloud graphics and audience participation platform will empower you with a dynamic, trailblazing selling strategy that simplifies the buying process for consumers.