FOX Sports Brazil - Cloud Graphics and Remote Production, Powered by Flowics

In order to help our clients and other companies in the industry find the best ways of migrating to remote production, we’ll be sharing more success stories that demonstrate how Flowics’ platform (and our Cloud Graphics solution) can be implemented to optimize these migration processes.

We recently shared the success story of WIN Sports, a Colombian sports channel that had to migrate its TV broadcasts to digital platforms, with the entire team working remotely.

But what about with shows that are still broadcasting on TV and splitting production into onsite and remote work? This is the case for FOX Sports Brazil and its De Primeira program, which is a daily sports news show that had been produced entirely in the studio before the current situation that abruptly forced the team to work in a different way. New measures taken to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, meant that FOX Sports Brazil had to minimize the number of people who could physically be in the studio at one time. The team had to take quick action to find a way to seamlessly continue their broadcast. Among the main issues facing production were:

  • How to produce the show in real time with live talent?
  • How to remotely generate graphics that were previously created on site?
  • How to operate graphics remotely?

FOX Sports Brasil chose Flowics' Cloud Graphics Solution to solve these needs.


In order to hold video conferences and send these signals to the control room (with a reduced team), FOX Sports used Skype TX integrated with LiveU Smart (to synchronize outputs and avoid delay issues). In order to create graphics in the cloud and operate them remotely, the team used Flowics’ Cloud Graphics Solution and Remote Control Application. With this workflow in place, the show was able to continue airing on TV, as well as on YouTube Live and FB Live.

The following high-level diagram shows the solution that was implemented:


Flowics' Cloud Graphics solution was used to create a graphics package with a complete L-bar that included social media content, audience input, news, and other relevant information.


Using the the Remote Control Application, a remote graphics operator and production team were able to add and remove different L-bar graphic elements, moderate social media content, and edit text in real time—all on one centralized interface.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 13.59.47

De Primeira was the first program to put this solution to the test, but there are now five broadcasts using Flowics' Cloud Graphics solution. Congratulations to the entire FOX Sports Brazil team; we’re very thankful for the trust they put in our platform!

If you would like to learn how Flowics can help with remote production flows, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a demo!