Flowics adds new Google Sheets support as a Data Source for Cloud Graphics

With the increased demand for remote production solutions, we continue to add new functionalities to our Cloud Graphics product, to enable broadcasters and live streamers of all sizes, keep on producing great and engaging live content for their audiences.

With our existing external data binding support, users can already integrate any data source and 3rd party data (weather forecast, sports statistics, financial markets information, etc) into any graphics created with Flowics. 

Today we’re happy to announce the release a new Data Provider for Google Sheets. This expands even more our range of possibilities for creating dynamic visualizations using external data sources. This new support will help graphics artists and producers to integrate live data from Google Sheets into their graphics.

Here are some practical examples and how it works:

Google Sheets with Sports Statistics, Team lineups and more for Sports Broadcast

Sporting live events' productions constantly use third-party data to enrich their broadcasts with relevant information (stats, results, standings, etc). In many opportunities, this information comes from leading sports data providers, and can be displayed on-air using Flowics’ graphics connected to a JSON Data Provider.

But there are many other cases, such us the case of small leagues / competitions, where there are no stats providers or automated data feeds. In these cases, this new feature becomes really useful.

Let's check the following example. Here's a broadcast of a local volleyball game, part of a league for which there's no official stats APIs. A Google Sheets comes at rescue to automate graphics:


Graphics' content can be updated immediately from a sheet, during the live broadcast, without having to edit any aspect of the visualization. 

Building Visual Dashboards with Breaking News and Stats for News production

Tracking COVID-19 cases worldwide and looking for an easy and quick way to show that information on-air with your own graphics design?

Check out the following example of this full-screen visualization of a COVID-19 dashboard.


Defining Titles and Texts as part of the Rundown of your Production

With this new addition, producers can now easily set up the titles and related texts for the different stories of their shows in an external Google Sheet. By doing this, producers will not be required to edit the graphics with new texts before each broadcast: they'll just need to update a Google Sheet, making their work more productive.

Here's an example of how this could work:



Other use cases

We have only illustrated a couple of use cases, but we can think of many more, for example:

  • Elections Results
  • Weather Forecast
  • Financial Markets Information

As you could see, there are endless possibilities when using Google Sheets as a data provider for building HTML5 graphics. 

If you would like to learn more about Flowics and our solutions for Cloud Graphics and Audience Participation, contact us to schedule a demo