#Monetization: How Audience Participation Mechanics Can Be Turned into Revenue-Generating Spaces.

We are living in the era of the bespoke user experience. By simply using their devices and social media platforms, users can vote on which contestant should be eliminated from a game show or predict which team will win a sporting match. Users can comment on news broadcasts or political debates from their living rooms.

This level of user engagement segues into an exciting new territory of monetization opportunities. In a time when the user’s attention span is more finite and discerning than ever, broadcasters and brands can capitalize on acute user engagement.

Background: Interactive Mechanics Make Way for New Advertising Spaces

What’s a better way to reach users than when they are already engaged? And, when are viewers more engaged than when actively participating in something they are passionate about, whether a football game or their favorite show? Let’s delve into how take all of this high-quality engagement and monetize it.

Participation mechanics forge a mutually beneficial space for both broadcasters and brands. For broadcasters, they provide a venue for sponsorship and, in turn, a new revenue stream. For advertisers, they provide a valuable opportunity to infuse a brand’s message into participative content in an impactful way.

Flowics’ Audience Participation Platform allow its customers to easily launch on-air or digital campaigns, generating experiences for viewers and monetary results for brands and broadcasters.

Let’s take look at some pointed ways that Flowics’ can work towards monetization.


Associating a Sponsor Directly with an Interactive Experience

Some of the popular ways that users interact during broadcasts include through the use of polls, conversation-building Tweets, giveaways, and live predictions. When a sponsor invites users to participate by using a brand-specific hashtag, the result is resounding—a surge of visibility for the sponsor’s hashtag-encapsulated message.

An example of this type of infusion can be seen in the brand Gillette’s participation during the show FOX Gol. The brand invited a captive audience of soccer fans to vote for what they felt was the best goal of the weekend, simultaneously bringing the audience into closer contact with the brand and expanding the brand’s visibility.


Santander Rio bank ran a similar campaign. At the end of each match, FOX Sports invited fans to vote for the player of the game using the sponsored hashtag #ElJugadorSuperClub.

Sponsoring Different Kinds of Interactive Experiences 

Sponsors don’t necessarily have to make a direct association as in the hashtag examples given above. They can imbue their presence through simply and effectively sponsoring an activity that invites user participation. Here, the brand gets its proverbial ‘face time’ and so do users when they participate.

The History Channel, for example, encouraged users to interact in an activity sponsored by hotels.com, in which a question was posed on screen. Users could join in on the fun by sending in responses accompanied by a specific hashtag; the best answers were displayed on the air.



In another example, TNT partnered with brands during the YouTube Live Streams of major awards ceremonies to provide different engagement mechanics and social-media integrations, such as voting and UGC (user-generated content) display. Here, we have another win-win situation: the brand gets time in front of the audience, and users feel included in the experience of the show (and subsequently, the marketing therein).

Sponsoring a Specific Part of a Show

Associating different parts of TV shows with different sponsors is nothing new. But, using audience interaction to do so is fresh and dynamic.

Take a look at an example of a campaign run by the brand Ruffles during the show MTV Hits. Right before cutting to commercial breaks, Twitter comments were displayed on a lively background prominently displaying the sponsor’s logo, simultaneously ensuring clear brand presence and targeting audience engagement.

Monetization on Digital Properties

Multi-platform experiences are great monetization opportunities. Digital and television producers are increasingly seeking to connect up in order to provide audiences with synergetic content. This means that channelsdigital property (websites, apps, etc.) are playing a more central role in content-distribution strategy and, in turn, monetization spaces.

Let’s go more in-depth with some examples of multi-platform opportunities.

Pre-Roll Ads in Voting Mechanics

The math is simple: including a video for each voting option (in both quick polls and social-media polls) equals more views on each video, and more views on the videos equals more exposure to pre-roll ads. This allows for a direct monetization opportunity hosted on an existing digital advertising engine.


A practical example? The Las Estrellas channel (Televisa) is monetizing audience participation of their show Like. They’re doing it just as described above, by running a pre-roll ad with each of the interactive-poll videos.  And, Flowics makes this a breeze; it allows clients to easily embed a video on each voting option.

Associating a Sponsor with a mechanic 

Integrations on websites or in apps are more immediate and last longer than those displayed on the air. Associating a sponsor with a participation mechanism or social hub amplifies brands’ visibility and life-time value.

Sponsored Quick Poll 2 TVN (1)

What does this look like in practice? TVN Chile implemented a Flowics Quick Polls mechanic between episodes, partnering with sponsors such as Paco Rabanne to monetize user participation. The brand promoted its perfume One Million by inviting the public to vote for which team they wanted to perform a “Million Lucky Dance” on a show, directly associating the name of the product with a facet of one of the channel’s programs.


Wrap Up

In closing, users’ desire to engage closely with content current technologies open a door for broadcasters, brands, and other marketers who are hungry to take advantage of all resources and platforms and establish greater reach and/or forge new avenues of monetization. Making sure this process is straightforward and seamless is what Flowics does best.

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