How Flowics Supports Broadcasters’ Remote Production Workflows

Broadcasters’ shift to the cloud is not something new. The way we produce, distribute and consume video content has been experiencing huge changes in past years, due in part to the accelerated development and adoption of cloud infrastructure.

But COVID-19 is now accelerating even more this move to the cloud, forcing broadcasters to modify their workflows overnight, transitioning to a remote operation, as they need to support a majority of their staff working from home. 

On this blog post, we have compiled a short list of the different ways in which Flowics can support cloud productions and remote operations. Take a look below:

1- Authoring graphics in the Cloud, in a collaborative environment

Are you a Broadcast Graphics Editor or Designer with no access to the studio or the office? No problem.

You can use Flowics’ cloud-based graphics editor from any location in the world with an Internet connection. You can also collaborate with other colleagues from your team working remotely, share and synchronize changes to the same project, all in real-time. No need to upload and download big files with your graphics package to share with others. Everything remains online in our cloud storage.

2- Remotely Operating Graphics During Your Live Production

Producing a live show with a distributed remote team? No problem either.

Our Cloud Graphics solution provides a control application, which enables producers to play graphics in and out, directly from a web-based app, enabling remote collaboration. You can have multiple operators working remotely and collaborating on the same live production, each of them focused in one part of the show or graphic elements. All changes are synchronized between remote instances immediately.

3- Remotely Managing 2nd Screen and Social Media Participation During Your Live Production

In the same way that you can operate graphics remotely through our control application, you can also manage Audience Participation mechanics, whether they run on social media or on a 2nd screen application, powered by Flowics’ widgets. Our remote control application enables you to control your second screen widgets, open or close polls on different platforms, curate and discover social media content, all from one single produce interface. 

4- Using Flowics with Desktop-based Live Streaming & Production Tools or Appliances

If you are used to (and will continue) running a production with desktop-based software or hardware appliances, you can still use Flowics and benefit from all our remote operation capabilities. Flowics integrates seamlessly with the most popular desktop-based production tools and encoders, including vMix, OBS, Wirecast, Tricaster, Wowza Clearcaster  and many more. SDI or NDI integrations are also supported.


5- Use Flowics with Cloud-based Production Solutions

If you are thinking of or have already moved to a cloud-based production environment, using tools from our partners such us Grabyo, Tellyo or Kiswe Mobile, TVU Producer, among others, you can also easily integrate Flowics’ graphics and audience participation features into this workflow. Contact us or your partner to learn more.