How to collect first-party data with interactive experiences

Investing efforts and resources in digital marketing initiatives without having the right data, is like sailing without having the proper navigation tools. There are multiple factors that can influence on the effectiveness of a digital campaign, but one of the most important ones, is having a deep understanding  of your consumers. This will help you build more meaningful relationships based on personalized and appealing experiences. On the era of big data, there are multiple sources to access this information, but the most trustworthy and valuable type of data you can collect, is the one that comes directly from your consumers.

In this blog post we share some mechanics to capitalize on UGC to obtain relevant first-party data that will help you build more appealing and personalized experiences to strengthen the bond with your audience.

Using forms as data input

Consumers and audience engagement goes beyond just Social, it happens across all your digital channels. With Flowics, you can combine the persuasion power of UGC-based interactive experiences with other types of digital interactions, like sweepstakes and contests.

With the latest release of our Experiences CMS, you can now combine social widgets with a new Form element, which will enable you to collect valuable data from consumers and audiences. With this new support, you can create and customize forms, setting required and optional fields (full name, birthdate, country, region, etc), field validations, terms and conditions of your campaign, colors, fonts and any other visual aspect of it. You can embed it on an existing page on your website or publish as a standalone landing page.


This way you will be able collect fresh new contacts, build audiences and download them as a .csv file to nurture your CRM and email marketing platform or even use them to build custom audiences for Ads re-targeting.


Note: You can now publish any visualization created with Flowics as a standalone landing page under your company’s own domain (i.e. and with your chosen URL (i.e., significantly reducing your deployment times and improving branding of your campaigns and publications.


Social experiences based on UGC

Polls, Flock-to-Unlock, Photo submission contests or any other type of participation mechanics can be great conversation triggers and an effective resource used by brands and media to connect with audiences. They can provide a great input about your audience behaviour, likes and dislikes and relevant information you can use to better target them in future campaigns.

Once the campaign is over (or even while it’s live) you can export participants’ data to a CSV file and build custom audiences for Facebook (or Tailored Audiences on Twitter) to optimize your paid media campaigns on each network. This way you can reach the right audience, with the right message based on the interaction with your owned properties.  


You can easily create this kind of experiences with Flowics to obtain first-party-data.  Our Experiences Builder will guide you with templates, tips and ideas based on your industry and social goals, helping you to reduce campaign development costs, content curation efforts and increase your digital teams’ productivity.

The more engaging and interactive a brand experience is, the better the chances to connect with your audience are. A larger audience generates more data, and more data can help you obtain deeper insights.


Interested in learning more about how Flowics can help you obtain first-party-data? Contact us for a live demo.