How to get the most out of Social Polls

Polls have always been an effective resource used by brands and media to connect with consumers and audiences. But the way people have been traditionally involved in this mechanic has evolved through the years, especially with the surge of social media that took polling to the next level.

Social media became the environment where discussions around different topics and events take place in real time, so the challenge now for brands, online media and TV shows is how to use social media to deploy this kind of experiences to capitalize on social buzz.

In this post we would like to share some tips about how to get the most out of this mechanic and highlight some reasons why you should consider using social polls during your next marketing campaign.

Conversation Triggers

By giving your audience the voice and power to influence on a result, you will be promoting user participation that can help you boost your earned media. Every vote is much more than a simple number or stat, it’s a mention and interaction with your brand that will transcend the walls of the poll itself, inviting other participants to become part of the experience. Use social polls to drive conversations about your brand or content.

Provides Valuable insights

Polls can be great conversation triggers but also, if smartly used, can provide a great input about your customer’s likes and dislikes. Whether you are a brand inviting your audience to choose between two products, or a TV show that wants to run a voting contest, you can infer what’s hot or trending and take action based on those results.

With a Social Analytics tool, you will be able to have a more granular understanding of the campaign, being able to individualize participants, learn where are they from, find influencers and even obtain behaviour patterns.

That information could be very helpful when planning your next product campaign or content marketing efforts.

Re-engage your audience

Once you have participants identified, you can export their @handles and create tailored audiences for retargeting purposes.


So if you have a diversified portfolio of products you will probably also have multiple audiences and buyer personas, this way social polls insights can help you reach the right audience with the right message.

Drive traffic to your website

Flowics voting experiences can be embedded on any digital environment. That gives you the opportunity to move the conversation to your owned properties and build the proper environment to promote user participation and interaction with your other content/product offerings.



Extend engagement on Twitter with Auto-Responses

Delivering personalized Twitter Auto-Responses rewarding user participation, can lead to major levels of engagement. Based on people’s choices, you can send an immediate and customized replies to everyone that participated, extending this way the reach and engagement of the campaign.



These are just a couple of examples of how brands and media are using Flowics to build Social Polls.

FoxPlay American Crime Story.pngTo promote the release of the TV series American Crime Story release, FOX Play launched this poll inviting viewers to jump into the debate, helping also to raise show awareness.


Falabella.pngThis online retailer invites consumers to choose their next promotion or which product should go on Sale the next week. Consumers are encouraged to vote with a Tweet or a Post on Facebook, driving additional Earned Media for their brand too.


euroleague_polls2.jpgThe Euroleague built this Social Hub to provide fans a discussion and participation environment around the basketball league. Different polls were launched every week where fans had the opportunity to vote, comment and be part of the conversation.


BAJAZZ.jpgThe Government of the City of Buenos Aires uses voting polls to connect with their citizens, inviting them to submit their choices during different events. 

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