How-to guide: Building on-air TV graphics to showcase audience participation

These days, audiences are being bombarded with too many distractions and sources of entertainment across multiple devices and platforms. This represents a challenge for TV broadcasters, streamers and content creators, who need to work in engaging their audiences in new ways to retain them and avoid zombie-like content consumption, which ends up boring the general public.

Building such interactive mechanics is no longer a difficult task, with Audience Engagement Platforms like Flowics, which provide multiple ways to seamlessly integrate audience participation on your broadcast. Examples of these participation mechanics are:

  • Polls
  • Comments Counters
  • Likes/Reactions Counters
  • Featured Comments or Q&A
  • Flock-to-Unlock
  • Social conversation analysis with Word-clouds, Buzz Volumes, Rankings, etc.
  • And many more! Just check our Widgets Catalog.

In this blog post we share some good examples and best practices to creatively integrate audience participation on-air.

Lower third comments

Traditionally used to display information, lower thirds have evolved into a key space to showcase dynamic content such as social media comments. These are one of the most popular, and probably most seen, resources used by broadcasters to integrate social on their TV shows. Here some examples of how sports, news and entertainment TV shows are using lower thirds to integrate and display social content.


Using L-Bar type Broadcast Graphics it’s a great way to take full advantage of TV’s 16:9 aspect ratio, enhancing viewers’ experience by displaying UGC and additional information to the show that’s on air.    

Lower Third polls

There is no doubt that polling is probably one of the most popular participation mechanics you can promote to engage audiences. Whether it's using #hashtags or keywords on social media or using our Quick Polls component on your own website or app, take a look at some examples of lower thirds polls graphics created by some of our clients.

There are some points you should have into consideration when displaying polls on-air that will help you increase audience participation:

  • Display a clear CTA explaining how to vote and keep it visible most of the time
  • Be clear on which social network (or networks) your audience should use to vote, if any.
  • Make results update in real-time to keep your audience actively voting

Avatar Walls

People tend to brag about being on TV, everybody loves having a few seconds of being famous on TV. Showcasing selected audience avatars is a great resource to encourage user participation. Check out these nice examples:


Integrating sponsors to monetize audience engagement

Including audience participation experiences into your Ad Sales offer enables you to grow your inventory and generate a revenue streams. Take a look at some examples of how sponsors are integrated into these experiences.


Full Screen graphics

When you want to emphasise on a specific topic, there is no better way than going full screen with that content. The entire viewers’ attention will be focused there, no other distractions. This is why the content displayed should be visually well organized and focused on what you want to be featured. Loud and clear.

Other innovative possibilities

Beyond the popular examples described before, there are multiple other alternatives broadcasters can explore to display pictures, videos, counters and other social elements in a more innovative way.

If you want to see these and many other examples in action, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel.

Remember that Flowics provides secure and seamless integration with all CG systems in the market, through the Flowics Middleware, enabling TV production teams to integrate audience participation on air instantly. Interested in learning more about our platform? Let’s schedule a live demo