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Flowics announces new solutions for viewer participation, live production and cloud-based digital overlays at IBC 2019.

A new edition of IBC Show is over and we couldn’t be happier with the results. This was a super busy show for us and we want to thank to everybody who visited our stand to learn more about our platform and our solutions to attract, retain and monetize audiences across all digital environments. 

We are committed to our mission to help broadcasters, OTT and streamers to make content and storytelling more interactive and production workflows more simple and efficient.

During IBC, an important discussion topic for us was audience retention, a key challenge for content creators and broadcasters. We were able to present our vision of how viewer engagement and interactivity can help, for both live video or VOD, increase engagement ratios and watch times. Also, our CEO, Gabriel Baños, took part in an interview with Facebook, to discuss our solutions for audience engagement on FB Live & FB Watch. You can watch it in full here.

For those who didn’t have the chance to meet us at IBC this year, here’s a summary of what we announced:

NEW! Multi-poll participation mechanic

More options for viewers and fan engagement. We have expanded polling support through our widgets for websites and apps. With the new multi-poll mechanic, instead of just running individual polls separately, now you can prepare a playlist of polls, launch them at any time during your show and easily manage them through a remote control application. This enables producers to open and close polls on a 2nd screen, take overlays in or out from the screen, or create new polls on-the-fly while the show is live. All done from the same interface. 


New release of our Cloud-based Graphics and digital overlays module

Earlier this year we introduced our Interactive Graphics Builder, an easy-to-use solution to create advanced visualizations of social content and audience participation for live streaming, broadcast, digital signage and events. During the past months we kept adding new features, and at IBC we announced new additions to bring producers, broadcast operations and digital teams even more flexibility to streamline cloud production:


  • External data binding support for any graphic element: You can now connect with external data sources providers (through their APIs) to build graphics with dynamic third-party data (weather graphics, sports results, etc). Our new JSON Provider element enables users to query external data and bind it to different graphic elements.

    Screenshot 2019-09-26 11.12.06
    (Create graphics using data from external data sources, such sports stats providers)

  • New building blocks support: This new addition brings more flexibility and customization options to build graphics in any way you want. Apart from the existing catalog or pre-built widgets, you can now build custom widgets by using simple elements, such us: Texts, Images, Progress Bars, Social Media icons, etc.

  • Build once, use everywhere: based on these building blocks, you can now create your own custom widgets and save them in your library for future use.

  • Drag & Drop and resizing: Copy and paste graphics and overlays already designed and use the new drag & drop interface to easily arrange and organize elements.


(Drag and drop elements and widgets to any section of your graphic scene)



New Resizing feature

And the most important of all this: zero coding needed. You can create digital overlays with interactive content and dynamic information, without having to write a single line of code. 

Integrate Flowics graphics with any workflow: HD-SDI or cloud-based production. You just need a browser!

Updated Remote control application for Producers and On-Air talent

Our Graphics module also provides a remote control application for producers to operate and trigger graphics on air, directly from a web-based app, enabling remote collaboration.

This mobile-optimized control application allows producers to manage graphics, 2nd screen widgets and curate social content. Production teams will have now the possibility to edit texts’ graphics, moderate content and have a display preview, all in the same interface.


ezgif.com-gif-to-mp4 (1)

NEW! Facebook Live Questions Support

In addition to our FB Live polls support, announced earlier this year, we're glad to announce that support for FB Live Questions is now available for our customers and fully integrated with our polls support and graphics module. FB Live Questions enables streamers and broadcasters on a FB Live or FB Watch to post questions and get answers from viewers in a private way. It has two key advantages to the traditional way of getting feedback from viewers using the comments box:

  1. answers are private and not shown publicly, unless the broadcasters wants to do so: this removes the need of a moderator on the FB Page during a live stream
  2. questions are shown to users as an overlay on top of the FB video player, reducing friction to participate vs the traditional comments box.


This new support enables our customers to:

  • Set up questions, collect and curate responses and share the best answers with the Facebook Live audience.

  • Combine live questions with live polls in the same playlist, as part of the rundown of your show. Use our remote control application to put questions live and to moderate responses to show on air.

  • Display answers either using cloud-based graphics created with our Graphics Builder or through your  preferred graphics system (Vizrt, Chyron, Avid, etc), depending on your live video production infrastructure.

FB_Live_Slider_boca(Live Questions during Copa Libertadores de America FB Watch broadcast)


If you're a current Flowics customer, or met us at IBC and want to continue learning about these or any other solutions, don't hesitate to contact us here or get in touch with your Account Manager.