Introducing our new Content Discovery tool: A faster way to find and curate the social content that matters to you.

News production needs to respond fast to trending events and breaking news to stay ahead of competition and tell stories that resonate with their audiences, to keep them engaged. If you’re a news producer and a story is breaking either at local or global level, just a few minutes before your show goes on air, you must react quickly to it, adjust your show rundown and look for relevant content that will help you tell that story in the best way possible. All that within minutes.

Today we’re announcing our new Content Discovery tool, available for all Flowics subscription plans, which will help Social Media producers and news producers increase productivity and streamline content discovery, for enhanced storytelling.

New Content Discovery tool

With this new support, our users will be able to run immediate searches across multiple social networks, to find recent content about any specific topic. For the moment, only Twitter and Instagram are supported. YouTube and Facebook coming soon.

This new section is integrated with our Content Inbox (which we announced last year), allowing users to switch between curating content from active on-going Flows (monitoring content using  official hashtags of your brand or using advanced queries for 24x7 social listening) with discovering and curating content running quick searches in the new Discover Section. No matter the content source you use, you can easily organize that content in Collections, for public display on Broadcast, Web, big displays or DOOH.


How it works

  • Search any #hashtag in parallel both on Twitter and Instagram at the same time and get updated results with new content in real-time.
  • You can also search for Tweets with any @handles, keyword or combination of keywords
  • Filter Tweets by most relevant or most recent. Filter by images or videos.
  • Organize content in different collections

Key Features

  • Do your own search around any topic you consider relevant.
  • No need to waste time switching between Social Networks in order to add new content. From here, you can simultaneously monitor Twitter, Instagram and add content to your collections.
  • You can add Twitter filters to show just view top content and top videos.
  • No need to configure anything extra for a quick search, just search, refine and repeat directly from your content inbox or Flowics Topbar.
  • We will save your recent searches so you can explore a topic easily.

In addition to this, our Discovery Section features trendings topics around the world. You can filter by country and region to have a quick overview of what people are talking about on Twitter. As we’ve mentioned before, this Trending Topic content can be also used to nurture inventory for your TV Show Social Media rundown.  

If you are a Flowics client, you can get started using this new feature today.

If you are not yet, what are you you waiting for? Schedule a demo now.