Introducing our new Real-Time Interactive Graphics builder

At Flowics, we are on a mission to help broadcasters, streamers and content creators to attract, retain and monetize audiences, by engaging viewers with interactive experiences that run in multiple digital environments.

To do so, we have built an audience participation platform that enables our customers to integrate viewer participation (polls, curated comments, etc) and interactive graphics into any type of broadcast or screen.

Today we are excited to announce the release of our new Interactive Graphics Builder, which offers an easy-to-use cloud-based solution to create advanced visualizations of social content and audience participation for live streaming, broadcast, digital signage and events. This new tool enables users to create HTML5 overlays or full screen graphics, which are rendered using a web browser and can be ingested on any video feed or displayed on any screen, no matter its size or resolution.

This solution complements our ability to integrate with traditional broadcast graphics systems (i.e. Vizrt, Chyron, Avid, Ross, etc), providing additional flexibility to producers, broadcast operations and digital teams.

Here’s how it works:

Any HTML5 broadcast graphics package, created with Flowics, can have multiple screens, each of these with different layouts.

Graphic overlays can be assigned to different regions of a screen (i.e. Upper Left, Upper Right, Center, Lower 3rd, etc) and you can have multiple overlays in each region: only one can be active at any time, so that your graphics don’t overlap with each other, when you are live. Within each overlay you could have different elements or widgets. You can easily create static lower 3rds by combining Image and Text elements, or you can include interactive overlays with Polls, Social comments, Rankings, etc.

See the following example with static overlays in a Lower 3rd and Upper Left regions

Flowics Builder - Static Overlays(Flowics Graphics Builder with static overlays)


Or you can include dynamic overlays as in the following examples:

Flowics Builder - Lower Ticker copy(Flowics Graphics Builder with a Lower 3rd social Ticker)


Flowics Builder - Poll (1)

(Flowics Graphics Builder with polls)

You can also build full screen graphics:

Flowics Builder - Full Screen

 (Flowics Graphics Builder with a Fullscreen Ticker)

You con also build even more sophisticated fullscreen static graphics, just see this example:

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 08.44.18

As you can see, creative options are limitless. You can customize your graphics, adjusting font types, sizes, colors, background images, color gradients, transitions behavior, etc. All this can be done without having to write a single line of code or being an expert, enabling users with no technical skills to create graphics in just minutes.

This is not all. Our new Graphics Builder also provides a remote control interface for producers to operate and trigger graphics on air, directly from a web-based app, enabling remote collaboration.

Flowics Builder - Remote Control

(Flowics Graphics Remote Control App enables users to manage, update and trigger graphics on-air)


You can use the remote control interface to:

  • Manually cycle through pre-curated comments, displayed on a social Ticker
  • Change texts on any static overlay
  • Open or close polls and see partial results
  • Take graphics in or out at any time

HTML5 graphics created with Flowics can easily be integrated into any broadcast, whether it’s a traditional linear TV broadcast, live stream on OTT or live video any social platform (Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, etc).

To integrate these graphics on a linear broadcast, if you are working from a control room with a switcher or scan converter, you just need to have a Laptop or PC running the URL of your graphics package on a full screen browser. You will use the HDMI output, convert to SDI if needed with an HDMI to SDI converter, and use it as an input to your switcher. You’ll have to customize the background color of your overlay’s screen to use a Chroma-key filter to mix them with your video feed. Your graphics will look like this:

Flowics Builder - Chroma 


To integrate on Live Streaming, you’ll use instead a default transparent background, and you’ll add Flowics graphics as a Web source or Browser source, depending on the tool you are using. With this simple integration, our graphics can work practically on any live streaming software/hardware with capabilities for mixing a web source with the live video feed. This works with tools like OBS, Wirecast, Tricaster, vMix and cloud-based solutions like Grabyo, or Tellyo, just to name a few.

To make live production even easier, we are working on native integrations with leading vendors of live streaming solutions. Stay tuned for more updates!

If you're a current Flowics customer, please reach out to your Account Manager to learn more and request access to this new module.

If you’re not, contact us to schedule a demo.