IRONMAN Enhances Virtual Races with Cloud Graphics and Audience Participation - Powered by Flowics

IRONMAN teamed up with Flowics ahead of launching the IRONMAN® Virtual Racing™ (VR) Pro Challenge to elevate the live coverage and viewing experience for fans on Facebook Watch.

IRONMAN selected Flowics’ cloud graphics and audience participation platform to enhance the virtual global racing series, where fan-favorite triathlon stars compete live every weekend on the IRONMAN Now Facebook Page. Viewers tune in from around the world as the triathletes take on the IRONMAN® VR Pro Challenge from stationary bicycles at home. Each race attracts thousands of spectators with a captivating real-time data and graphics strategy and the incorporation of fan-centric audience participation features, powered entirely by Flowics.

Real-time data & graphics:

Through Flowics’ integration with ROUVY, IRONMAN collects real-time GPS, speed, heart rate, timing and other metrics from each of the contestants via wearable devices and app trackers. IRONMAN’s production team then uses Flowics’ intuitive cloud platform to create the dynamic graphics and overlays that present these live stats on screen. Flowics’ graphics solution makes it simple for the team to adapt the graphics to reflect variable factors such as the number of competitors in a given race and the relevant information on a particular day. This keeps the audience informed, engaged and entertained for the duration of each race.


Audience participation:

Adding an interactive layer to sports broadcasts not only increases the buzz and anticipation around virtual events, but also provides fans the opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and predictions surrounding them. With the Flowics platform, IRONMAN’s production team can easily moderate and display user-generated content on screen, including social commentary from the Facebook comments section. Flowics also enables IRONMAN to conduct Facebook Live Polls directly through the platform. By asking viewers questions like “What team will win today’s race?” and sharing results on the air, IRONMAN draws thousands of engrossed spectators every week.



The cloud-native infrastructure of the Flowics platform allows the production team to log in remotely and control the visuals, curate and display viewer comments, add and remove different graphic elements from the L-bar and edit text on the fly. Users can access the platform simultaneously and collaborate on the production via a web browser, without the need for legacy hardware or software.


“Working with Flowics has helped strengthen the production and execution of the IRONMAN VR Pro Challenge on the IRONMAN Now Facebook Watch page. The flexible graphics package empowers our team to easily design and operate customized, high-quality visuals for each race. Using Flowics’ audience participation features for Facebook Live we are able to reach new levels of engagement and connect with the modern fan, who seeks a deeper involvement than passively watching a race.”


Doug O’Donnell, Vice President of Digital Platforms and Content for The IRONMAN Group


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