Live, Data-Driven Broadcast Graphics? No Problem With Flowics Data Connectors

If you’re responsible for incorporating live data— say, up-to-the-minute sports stats, financial information or weather conditions —  into on-screen graphics, then you know what a challenge it is. In fact, in our conversations with clients and prospects, we’ve found that live data integration with broadcast graphics is still a pain point for most broadcasters. Our solution: Flowics Data Connectors.

Data Connectors are add-ons to Flowics Graphics, the HTML5, cloud-based broadcast graphics engine created by Flowics. Data Connectors simplify the integration of external live data from different sources to streamline broadcast graphics creation and operation.

With Flowics' data connectors, we are eliminating any need for custom development to parse external data and feed it to on-air graphics. That work is done by our data connectors, saving precious time and reducing costs for our clients.

The Flowics platform already has several native connectors for data providers, including:

  • Stats Perform,
  • Sportradar,
  • Genius Sports,
  • Sportzcast,
  • HockeyTech,
  • Data Factory,
  • BetMGM,
  • SportsDataIO,
  • The Weather Channel,
  • AEMET,
  • Climatempo

We started with sports and weather forecasting as main verticals, and we will continue adding data connectors based on feedback from our clients and their main needs. You can expect to see more connectors for finance, betting, elections, and multiple sports competitions and leagues. We also have generic data connectors that allow you to work with standard data formats like JSON and RSS/Atom.

Flowics Data Connector for Stats Perform's SDAPI (Soccer)

All data connectors have the same key features, as they are built on top of a common data management layer.

These shared features are:

  • Depending on the data source and the use case, data can either be synced manually or refreshed automatically. Data can also be pushed by an external system or pulled by the data connector.

  • All retrieved data can be augmented with translations (to support graphics internationalization and localization) and additional custom fields (to render very customized graphics). And the data can be managed in a way that provides flexibility to the end user.

  • The Data Connectors also provide a solution for working with the images associated with different graphics (i.e. team logos, player photos, etc.) with an internal assets library from where different images can be associated.

Flowics Data Connector for Climatempo (Weather Forecasting, Brazil)

Flowics data connectors require no hardware and no local software installation, which greatly simplifies production workflows. What’s more, initial users report easier operation, reduced time and costs for building data-driven graphics, and even the ability to manage graphics remotely thanks to the cloud nature of Flowics Graphics.

If you want to learn more about our Data Connectors and see some other examples, check out this playlist on our YouTube Channel.

If you use the Flowics Graphics platform to create data-driven graphics, then you can rest easy knowing Flowics has you covered.