How Multishow Maximizes the Potential of Flowics’ Cloud Graphics solution during their YT Live Streams

For years, Multishow, a leading channel in Brazil, has been taking advantage of Flowics’ platform to successfully encourage viewer interaction and streamline production workflows.

Multishow delivers multi-platform experiences in order to make their storytelling more interactive and engage their different audiences across diverse channels. To this end, the channel started producing coverage around their major shows (such as Rock in Rio and Prêmio Multishow) on YouTube Live, featuring exclusive content (extras, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, etc.) and encouraging audience participation through interactive mechanics.

Because Multishow’s Live Streams are often hosted by influencers, YouTubers, and celebrities from the digital world, this content is attractive to the millions of viewers who follow these web personalities, and this in turn brings in a large viewership for the show itself.



During Live Streams Flowics’ platform is used to collect, curate, and display on-air audience messages from Twitter and YouTube’s Chat Box. Both lower thirds and in-venue graphics are built using our cloud graphics solution.

As Live Streams have a more fluid format than traditional broadcasts, interactivity mechanics and on-screen graphics must often be integrated into streaming content on the fly. This means that production and/or digital teams or even live talent on the show need an easy, agile way to create graphics in which to encase viewer content. This is where Flowics’ Cloud Graphics Solution comes in.

In the Live Stream format of “improvised” content, digital teams can quickly add CTAs, text, and graphics, displaying user content on the screen—in a simple and fast way.



During shows, polls and other mechanics are launched to encourage viewer participation. Flowics’ platform is used to collect and process votes and build graphics for displaying real-time results on air.

By using the graphics builder’s remote control, producers are able to operate and trigger graphics on air, directly from a web-based app. This mobile-optimized application also allows them to moderate content, generate a preview, and manage graphics, mechanics, and textall in the same interface.


The production team is also able to operate and trigger graphics on air, directly from Flowics’ remote control. This mobile-optimized application allows them to easily manage graphics and curate social content in the moment.

About Flowics Graphics solution:

Flowics Interactive Graphics builder is an easy-to-use solution for creating advanced visualizations of social and audience-participation content during live streams, broadcasts, and events. In a drag & drop interface, users can easily create digital overlays with interactive content and dynamic information. All of these graphics can easily be integrated into any live streaming platform (vMix, OBS, Tellyo, Grabyo, Tricaster, etc) with support for web source or NDI.

To learn more about how Flowics’ Interactive Graphics Builder works, check out this link:

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