New Content Inbox:  A more efficient way to discover and manage social media content

If you are a social media manager, TV producer, news editor or your daily work implies sifting through and curating social media posts, videos and photos, we have great news for you!

We are excited to announce the release of our new Content Inbox, the easiest way to curate and organize social content, approve or reject posts, request rights on user-generated content and more. Our content inbox is the evolution of our former “Moderation Console” and it has always been a central part of the Flowics platform. Now it has been completely re-designed with a mobile-first user interface, to help users easily manage UGC on-the-go.

Full control in the palm of your hand

Our mobile content inbox is designed for all those users working away from a computer, who are at events, stadiums, venues or a TV production studio. You’ll have the chance to easily approve, reject and organize social content for public display, direct from your mobile. It’s also great for TV anchors, giving them now the possibility to manage audience comments and select those to display on screen themselves. See it in action:



Organize social content with Collections

With our new Collections support you can now organize social posts for different uses or for display on different environments (web widgets or visualizations, TV graphics systems, big screens, mobile apps, etc). You can use Collections as “Playlists” in which you can curate photos, videos, Tweets, etc. You can now merge collections, move posts from one collection to another and more.



Trigger TV graphics with Display Controllers

Specifically designed for broadcasters, the new Display Controllers will allow our users to handle on screen graphics’ triggering directly from Flowics, without operating the graphics system. This simplifies the operation at TV control rooms and gives more freedom of execution to social media producers working on TV shows. It also enables social integrations on recorded TV shows, with no live production teams.

Here’s how it works. Just set your Display Controller to Live status and graphics will show on screen. Turn them offline and graphics will be hidden.


If you are interested in learning more about our new content inbox or our platform, contact us to request a demo!