New Control Interface for More Efficient Graphics Workflows

We are very excited to announce a major update to our HTML5-based cloud-native broadcast graphics platform, with a revitalized control interface (the "Rundown Control") that is already available in Beta for everyone!

The Rundown Control provides greater autonomy to graphics operators and artists.

This new interface includes the ability to create multiple playlists of graphic overlays, based on the specific rundown of a show or event.

Graphics operators now have the freedom to manage their graphics playlists and sort, rename, duplicate, and create multiple instances of overlays based on the graphics templates available on a given package. The interface also includes the possibility of managing external data sources and providers to easily control data-driven graphics using Flowics Data Connectors (learn more).

New Rundown Control

New control interface for Flowics Graphics 

Duplicating an overlay keeps the design and layout the same while providing the option to choose a different text, image, or any data provider, simplifying the entire workflow. This eliminates the need for graphics operators to go into the Graphics Editor or ask a graphics designer to do it for them, giving the individual more freedom and autonomy to design.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial:

With these upgrades, we are completely decoupling graphics authoring and design from the operation, creating a clear distinction of roles between graphics artists and graphics operators. This builds more efficient workflows between teams working in a cloud-native environment, enabling users to work and collaborate completely remotely, and eliminating the need for local installation, local hardware, or virtualized machines.

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