New Features for Cloud Graphics Authoring and Audience Participation Management

Today, we are happy to announce a number of additions to the Flowics platform to help our customers create and remotely operate Cloud Graphics for Digital Shows and to manage audience participation.

Take a look at what's new!

Cloud Graphics

Use GIFs and SVG files for any graphic element

Visual elements in the .SVG format (logos, icons, and even objects and backgrounds) are frequently used for web projects because they are scalable and do not suffer quality losses or become pixelated when enlarged. With these new changes we’ve been rolling out, our platform now supports assets in the .SVG file format, and this allows our users to reduce load time while working on high-resolution images.

We’ve also added support for .GIF files. This allows our users to enrich their storytelling with animated, aesthetically-pleasing visuals, both on air and on websites and apps.


Redesigned Built-in Widgets for Social Media Participation

In an effort to help our clients save time on making graphic elements to display social media content on air, we’ve made important updates to our widgets.

In a recent article, we explained how users can use Building Blocks such us Text, Images, Post Content, and Post Media in order to build any type of graphic scene using social media content. In addition, users now have improved granularity when it comes to editing each independent element (@handles, avatars, etc) that makes up our default widgets. This means that users are now able to generate even more customized graphics, without having to create them from scratch


Auto-Cycling & Transitions for Lists

Users can now paginate any dynamic list. With this new addition, users can choose between manual or automatic cycling, and select one of our transition styles and durations. Better yet, producers will be able to work with these cycling options directly from our remote control app.



Multiple Sorting Conditions for Lists

Upon displaying results on air, users can decide how to organize elements, whether alphabetically by name/user, or by date, result, etc. 



Social Media User-Generated Content Management

Edit Posts before going on air

Oftentimes production teams find excellent content on social media (IG posts, Tweets, FB comments, etc) that could be displayed on air but the information contains a typo, too many irrelevant hashtags, a link or a graphic element (such as an emoji) that is not supported by their graphics system. This was frustrating for producers who were forced to discard that content, because they had no way of editing the content.

With this new functionality, production teams can manually edit content from these posts so that they can be displayed on air in the best way possible—thereby avoiding having to toss out relevant material because of a simple spelling or grammar mistake or undesired element/content. 


2nd Screen Participation

Geo-fencing Support

If you are using our widgets for 2nd screen participation (Scoring, Polls, Votes), now you can add country restrictions for viewer participation. For example, votes from locations outside of a specific country will not be counted at all. This doesn’t block users from other countries from participating, it just means that their votes will not be taken into consideration for a certain vote. This is key for running contests or support Talent Shows where viewers can choose a winner.


If you're a current Flowics customer, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about these new features.

If you’re not, contact us to schedule a demo!