Quick Polls & Scoring mechanics, FB Reactions Polls, Twitter Moments and WhatsApp integration: New solutions to activate audiences and streamline news production.

In the attention economy, with an increasing number of options for consumers to get access to content, live or on-demand, on a variety of devices and platforms (mobile phones, connected TVs, OTTs, linear TV, etc), the challenge for content producers is how to attract, retain and monetize audiences, across different digital environments.

Content consumption is fragmented, it happens on social media, on messaging platforms, on broadcasters' mobile apps and websites, on linear TV, etc. The only way to effectively reach these audiences is having a multi-platform approach, with digital and social experiences capable of activating consumers wherever they are. This is our mission at Flowics.

Today we are excited to announce the release of new solutions to help broadcasters, publishers and content producers in general, to activate their audiences. This platform update includes as well new features to help news production teams work faster and better integrate Twitter or WhatsApp content on their news shows.

Scoring mechanic for TV and Websites


With this new mechanic, broadcasters can ask viewers to rate artists or participants of a talent show, players or sport teams after a game or any other options you want to get your audience involved with. The Scoring mechanic can be easily setup in minutes using the visual editor of our Experiences CMS, then embedded on the customer's website or mobile app, or published under a custom domain, managed by Flowics. Users will be redirected to this digital property to participate by simply clicking on the score they wish to assign. Minimum friction for users, maximum engagement.

Partial or final results can be integrated on-air. Participation is anonymous and results are updated in real-time.

See how it works:

Select the different options to score, define score ranges, visual styles, fonts and colors.

This mechanic has 3 stages:

  • Warm-up (users cannot vote yet),
  • Open (users can vote)
  • Closed (mechanic has ended, users cannot vote).

Viewer participation synced with the TV Show

In addition to all this, this new mechanic includes a remote control mobile interface for TV producers to easily switch between stages and transition between the different options to rate. These changes are automatically reflected on the customers' website or app, no refresh needed. 

 How the producer interacts with our remote control to enable the scoring widget before and after each performance. 



During Rojo live broadcast (a popular talent show from Chile), viewers had the opportunity to score the participants’ performance by voting on the show’s website (using Flowics Scoring Widget), becoming this way the 4th Judge of the Show.  

From the remote control provided by the Flowics platform, the producer was able to enable the scoring widget before each performance. View Case



Quick Polls for TV and Websites


With this new solution, customers can now easily create quick polls to ask their audience to participate. Same is with the Scoring mechanic, participation is anonymous, happens on ther customer's own digital property (website or app), does not require users to login to any social network and results can be integrated in the live broadcast, using any of our multiple broadcast integration options. Setup is really simple, take a look:

To setup your Quick Poll, you can:

  • Choose number of answers
  • Assign a photo or video to each option
  • Schedule the end of the poll
  • Choose whether you will allow daily revotes or not
  • Personalize it by choosing a visual style and skin
  • Optionally, monetize it with the inclusion of a Sponsorship section.


Facebook Reactions

FB Reactions is one of Facebook most popular ways for users to express an opinion or sentiment with regard to certain news or content. As part of this new product release, we are adding support to measure and build engagement using FB Reactions. This new feature will allow customers to create polls or other participation mechanics, which can in turn be easily integrated on a live broadcast (traditional TV or FB Live).  

Post-tv                                                                                    Integrate Facebook Reactions on Linear TV broadcast

                                                                                          Integrate Facebook Reactions on Facebook Live

YouTube Live chat filter

For streamers and content producers who are already leveraging or planning to work with YouTube Live, this new filter will help them to curate and moderate all comments shared by the audience in the YouTube Live chat box. Users will now be able to display selected audience comments in a lower-third graphic, run polls, flock-to-unlock and many other participation mechanics to keep their audiences engaged. With our visual editor, you can build HTML5 graphics to include as overlays. Integration with most popular live streaming tools is available, including OBS, Wirecast, Tricaster and many more.


Twitter Moments support for News production

Twitter Moments surface the best of what’s happening on Twitter. Flowics now supports importing Moments directly into any Flow or Collection in our Content Inbox. With this new support, news production teams can easily import these already-curated contents and integrate them on-air.

Users can go to Twitter and instantly find several Moments with curated Tweets about an event or breaking news. Choose one and go to the Content Inbox, enter the Moment URL using the Add Post option and select the Tweets you want to display. If you have Flowics integrated with your CG system, this will save you time when working on the rundown of your show.


WhatsApp as a new source of content 

We're also happy to announce that Flowics now supports WhatsApp as a new source of User-Generated Content.  By means of this new filter (which can be combined with our existing filters for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube), brands and media can now collect, curate organize and display WhatsApp content, including photos, videos, voice and text messages, sent to a specific phone number.

With our new support for WhatsApp, clients can:

  • Curate, Organize and Store WhatsApp messages: you can automatically moderate and organize content for later use. Apply automatic curation rules to filter our unwanted messages.
  • Display WhatsApp content On Air or digital platforms: in the same ways, you can already integrate social content in all our web widgets and graphics systems, same applies now for user-generated content curated from WhatsApp.


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