New tools to find and curate verified social content

With over 2 Billion pieces of social content created daily, keeping up with what’s taking place on Social Media can be overwhelming. This is especially true in the newsroom, where journalists turn to social media to discover news and find great content to enrich their articles. Our content curation engine helps our customers to do that work, offering the possibility to filter user-generated and official content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in real-time, combining +50 different curation rules.

Today we are taking a step further in our mission to help media with this task, introducing our new “Verified Content Hub” experience templates. If you are not familiar yet with how the experience templates work, you can read this article. In a nutshell, experience templates are pre-built projects aimed at a specific purpose, i.e. creating a campaign social hub, a TV show social hub, a competitive content command center, an in-venue social wall, an auto-response Twitter agent with personalized content, a Tweets ticker for TV, etc. They are extremely helpful when you need to deploy something quickly without much customization.

So far, when creating a new experience based on these templates, as part of the configuration and adjustments before publishing, clients needed to edit the search queries (keywords, hashtags, handles, etc) to specify the exact content they needed to search and monitor for.

The new Official Content templates are aimed at making it easier for journalists to monitor and curate official content around the topics that matter most in the newsrooms. Starting with the sports vertical (more specifically with soccer, basketball and american football), we’ve done the dirty work of compiling the official handles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of sports teams of some of the most important leagues in the world.



Why is this great?

Looking for the official handles of, let’s say, dozens of teams on different social networks, setting up your filters and queries, adjusting curation rules, etc. can be a very time consuming process. With these new templates, you’ll save that time! Bonus point: you will not have to worry about fake accounts or other scams, we have manually curated all these handles and made sure they are all verified. Publishers, sports entities, federations or sponsoring brands can select one of the several leagues’ templates available in our Experience Catalog right away, just click on the template, give your project a name and voilà! Our filters will automatically start capturing all the verified content from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. No need to set up this manually. Fresh and handy content ready to be integrated on your digital properties!

Now that your filters are running, you’ll be able to quickly search and choose the content you want to embed on your website or mobile app. Just use our content moderation console, apply some filters and then build any visualization you want by combining any of our widgets.


This is just a first release of these new experience templates, we hope to add more leagues and topics over the next weeks. If you have one in particular that you’d love to see, leave us a comment! If you want to give this a try, request a demo!