Nickelodeon Leveraged Flowics to Increase Engagement Metrics Across the Board for the “2020 Meus Premios Nick”

For those who don’t know, the Meus Premios Nick are the Brazillian version of the “Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards”. 

Nickelodeon increased every single engagement metric for the “2020 Meus Premios Nick,” year over year, by incorporating an audience-centric strategy. Nickelodeon’s production team used Flowics’ platform to create eye catching graphics, implement numerous audience participation mechanisms and enhance the overall viewer experience - resulting in a substantial surge in reach, engagement and buzz around the event. 

In this blog we’ll explore some of the tactics used and how they worked to boost different metrics.

Distribution Strategy

In addition to airing the live event on linear television, Nickelodeon also streamed the awards show for the first time ever to its social media platforms simultaneously. The event aired on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, reaching a combined total of approximately 1.5 million views on social media alone. By using Flowics to add engaging graphic overlays and audience interactivity to the stream, Nickelodeon doubled, tripled and in some cases even quadrupled the reach on each social channel compared to the 2019 Meus Premios Nick.

Audience Interactivity

The Nickelodeon production team created an awards show unlike any previous event by incorporating 3 key audience participation tools powered by Flowics. 

Firstly, the live show featured various QR codes for viewers to scan and access a never before seen Instagram filter related to the show. Viewers were eager to try it out and in doing so, they helped further spread awareness of the event.


The production also featured live polls on screen. Fans could cast their votes on social media in real-time and then see the results appear on air moments later. For example, fans voted on which funny outfits they wanted to see the host wear during the show. This interactive feature helped fans feel more connected than ever and kept them engaged for the duration of the event.


Lastly, the 2020 Meus Premios Nick campaign included fan generated social media content in the show! Viewers could post on social media for the chance to have their comments featured on-air. Using Flowics, the production team could easily pinpoint the most significant and engaging content to display on screen. By offering the audience an opportunity to join the conversation, #MPN reached a whopping 142 million mentions over the course of the 2020 Meus Premios Nick campaign!


The result? An increase in viewer interactions of over 1200% year over year on Facebook, 982% on Instagram and over 155% on Twitter. The show achieved over 14 million interactions total. The production also broke viewership records with a total of 12 million views across linear and social media platforms.


For the very first time, we implemented not only interactions via audience comments on Social Media, but also live polls so that fans could vote and get involved during the show.  We also had a direct interaction on stage with the host. All this made us achieve the best results in reach and interaction in the entire history of the MPN. 


Paula Haefeli

Digital Marketing Manager and multiplatform content specialist


Cloud Graphics

Using Flowics the team created the graphics displayed on their venue screens and built the live overlays that appeared simultaneously on linear TV and their live streams across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


For Meus Prêmios Nick 2020 edition we had the challenge of implementing a live, multiplatform and remote show for the first time ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and at the same time, maintaining the high interaction level for the kids. Flowics enabled us a very fluid integration through their platform, that is very simple and intuitive to use. We were able to implement the graphics, edit, test and finally integrate them into the live show, everything remotely, without even being in the same production location of the event. Flowics support team was also fundamental in making us have an experience without any surprise or error. The result was a 100% dynamic and interactive live show for the teen audience.


Paula Haefeli
Digital Marketing Manager and multiplatform content specialist


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